Upcoming Shows

  • Friday June 30th

    Like Innocent Times, Fehora Maei, Life Once Lived, Fixed Emotion, Amys River, War In Me

    Bada Brew

    Doors 6pm

    • $10
  • Saturday July 1st

    A Boy Named John

    Jeremy Maurizi, Ohm, Infamous Martyrs, Feedback Fiends, Third Of Winter, Eric Brumley

    Royal Skate & Apparel

    Doors 5pm

    • $10
  • Saturday August 19th

    Feverwar, Nanashi

    Dead Enemies, Infamous Martyrs, End Of Anarchy, Vyse, Bring The Fallout, Oppressed Affliction

    Star Bar

    Doors 6pm

    • $10
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