Lazarus A.D.
June 29, 2012
Another Hole in the Wal
Steger, IL


Kenosha, Wisconsin thrash metal rockers Lazarus A.D. came to Another Hole In The Wall in Steger, IL on Friday for a night of pure thrash chaos. Local support was given by Red Death Dominion, Miles From Exile, Dark Entropy, Product Of Hate, Central Disorder, and Abaddon. The heavy influence of early 80’s thrash metal combined with a modern edge has helped Lazarus A.D. explode across the metal scene on a national level in a relatively small amount of time. The current tour is promoting their February 2011 release “Black Rivers Flow” through Metal Blade Records. From the moment the band took the stage it was an all out assault of headbanging thrash with plenty of hair flying everywhere. The band’s aggressive music was very well rehearsed as was their stage show which included plenty of synchronized headbanging. Overall, the band put on a furious set that left the crowd thrilled and wanting more. Their lineup consists of: Jeff Paulick – lead vocals and bass, Dan Gapen – guitar and backup vocals, Alex Lackner – guitar, and Ryan Shutler – drums. Lazarus A.D. has been regarded as a breath of fresh air for the metal and thrash scenes due to the fact that they are not following any trends or the latest styles. With a solid label such as Metal Blade supporting them, Lazarus A.D. has a promising future ahead. In the end, they are artists that are truly passionate about what they love and play, which is nothing but pure thrash metal.