SHOW REVIEW: The Projection

The Projection
July 09, 2012
Another Hole in the Wall
Steger, IL


The south suburban pop punk band The Projection made their way to Another Hole In The Wall on Monday, July 9. This was one of the last few stops left on their U.S. summer tour that they have been on with Una Jensen since mid June. Local support for the show included Smile Sweetheart, Steadfast, and Sudden Suspension. They have traveled and played shows extensively along both the East and Gulf coasts throughout the tour before finishing things out in the Midwest. The band provides an extremely upbeat and energetic performance with sounds and influences extremely reminiscent from the pop punk era back when it was in it’s prime 10-12 years ago. The band also adds their own modern touch and style to their songs and live performance producing a nonstop, in your face dose of good old fashioned pop punk music. Their sound is a bit refreshing in an age where a lot of bands follow the latest trends. These guys stay true to what they are passionate about musically and it shows through their songs. The band consists of: Jacques LaMore – guitar and vocals, Jeremy Maurizi – bass and back up vocals, and had a fill in drummer for the evening. The band is constantly performing and traveling to venues all over the Midwest so be on the lookout for their upcoming shows at venue near you.