SHOW REVIEW: Filter / Menew

Filter/Menew/Blue Felix
July 15, 2012
Another Hole in the Wall
Steger, IL


Mid 90’s alternative rock legends Filter came to Another Hole In The Wall on Sunday, July 15, 2012 as a stop on their latest tour.  They brought along modern rock group Menew along with special guests Blue Felix.  Local support was provided by Fathom Blue, Arson Radio, Parallels and Lies, Psychedelic Breakfast, Beneath The Hollow, and Underneath Jamie.


Minnesota natives Blue Felix brought their usual dose of heavy and melodic anthems accompanied with their usual stage antics.  The band always knows how to entertain a crowd, and this show was no exception.  With lead singer Toxsick Tripp swinging upside down from the venue’s rafters while performing, and the rest of the band constantly thrashing about the stage, spectators are guaranteed a unique and pleasing performance.  Blue Felix‘s performance at a Michigan music festival the night before this show was actually shut down by the police for supposedly insinuating a riot.  Thankfully no one was arrested or received any fines and the band was allowed to head back out on the road again.


Menew consists of a trio of brothers hailing from Toronto, Canada.  The members are Shade – vocals and guitar, Key – piano and synthesizers, Nathan Samuel Phillip – drums and backing vocals, and Jesse Filice as a temporary touring member – bass guitar.  The brothers have all been musically involved since receiving classical piano lessons at an early stage and never stopping their love and dedication for creating music ever since.  The band displays an upbeat and lively stage presence while providing personal custom onstage lighting.  Their music produces a captivating and soothing sound pleasing to the ears of any listener.  Most of the evening’s crowd had never formally heard of the band prior to the evening’s performance.  Menew however, has been hard at work creating a huge following for themselves.  They have shared the stage with bands such as U2, Stone Temple Pilots, and Three Days Grace as well as performing on a multitude of large-scale American and European music festivals.  The band’s hit single “Don’t Give Up On Us Now“, from their latest album “Wide Awake Hello“, has received prominent airplay on MTV‘sJersey Shore” and “The Hills” along with NBC‘s Chuck“.  Menew’s unique sound and diligent hard work ethic are certainly paying off for them with an extremely promising future laying ahead of them.  The band put on a stellar performance showcasing much of their latest album “Wide Awake Hello” which is currently available through their website.


Closing out the evening was alternative rock legends Filter.  The band’s lineup consists of original front man Richard Patrick – vocals and rhythm guitar, Jonathan Radtke – lead guitar, Phil Buckman – bass, and Jeff Friedl – drums.  The band has been embarking on a cross country summer tour in preparation for the release of their sixth studio album “Gurney and The Burning Books” which should by available by late summer/early fall.  Filter put on a very tight knit performance spanning through their five album history of material along with a couple of unreleased tracks for their upcoming release.  Their performance ended with the fan favorite “Hey Man Nice Shot” with every member of the crowd banging their heads and singing along.  It is hard to believe that Richard Patrick is the only remaining original member in the band given that they are sounding just as well, if not better than the original lineup did years ago.  Despite the drastic lineup changes that have occurred over the years, the band members are certainly well tuned to each other as their live performance reflects it  With a 17 year alternative rock legacy and their sixth studio album on the verge of release, Filter seems to be back on the peak of their game.  Expect big things from Filter throughout the rest of the year with their upcoming release “Gurney and The Burning Books” due out very soon and plenty of touring to support it.