SLAUGHTER BY THE WATER 3: Hosted by TESTAMENT’s Chuck Billy with Performances by Philm, Severed Fifth, Absu, Witchaven, Impaled, Autopsy, Fog of War, Abysmal Dawn and More!

Taking Place on August 25, 2012 on the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier in Alameda, CA



Slaughter By The Water 3 details are ready to be unleashed! The third annual Slaughter By The Water event will take place on August 25, 2012 on the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier in Alameda, CA. Sponsored by Monster Energy Drink, Lock & Shock, Rock The Bike, Bay Area Rocks, Scion, Native American Health Center, Dunlop, Anchor Bay Tattoos, Ustream, and Expressions College, the event is hosted by Testament’s Chuck Billy and includes performances by Philm, Severed Fifth, Absu, Witchaven, Impaled, Autopsy, Fog of War and Abysmal Dawn. More announcements including the full line-up and headliner are coming soon! Chuck Billy recently sat down and recorded an intro video which can be viewed here:



Advance tickets for the main stage performances (general admission) are on sale now and are just $35.00.  Tickets cost $45.00 at the door. Tickets are available at Main stage performances begin at 5pm and go until 12:30am aboard the USS Hornet.

From noon to 9pm, access to the entire pier, which includes Pier Stage entertainment, food vendors and retailers, is FREE to the public. The pier stage is powered by Rock the Bike and the bands performing will be announced soon.


GET TO THE HORNET EARLY! All main stage ticket purchases also entitle you to a discounted admission rate to freely roam the USS Hornet on the day of the event between the hours of 10am to 4pm. Discounted admission is $12.00 per person in addition to the cost of the general admission ticket. Slaughter By The Water general admission tickets only get you access to the ship and our private tours after 5pm.

There is free parking at this event.
Private Tours (groups of 15) available after 5pm include:

2nd Deck Tour: The Sick Bay, Torpedo Room, Marine Detachment Unit, Chapel, and more.

Island tour: Sit in the Ship’s Captain’s Chair, explore the Pilot house and Admirals Bridge, go to the top secret Combat Information Center and see the view from the Primary Flight Control the Air traffic control tower of the Aircraft Carrier, USS Hornet.

Haunted Tour: Forecastle – ghost stories from where the tidal wave hit the USS Hornet Museum.

The second edition of Slaughter By The Water took place in June 2011 at The Craneway Pavillion. The show billing included AUTOPSY, CATTLE DECAPITATION, and more. The festival also hosted Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race” winner Grill ‘Em All, led by chefs Ryan Harkins and Mathew Chernus. The first edition of Slaughter By The Water took place in April 2010 at the Oakland Metro. The show billing included TOXIC HOLOCAUST, FUELED BY FIRE, BONDED BY BLOOD, and many more.

The USS Hornet is 893 feet long and 33,000 tons of metal, it’s nicknamed “The Grey Ghost in Alameda” and is said to be one of the most haunted warships in the American Navy, with numerous reports of supernatural events occurring onboard. She is also a “Rosie the Riveter” ship with thirty percent of her construction crew being women and she holds a couple Navy records: most planes shot down in a day (72) and most planes shot down in a month (255). The USS Hornet was also the location Exodus filmed their video for “War Is My Sheppard” ( Check out an insider view of the ship here:


Television shows, music video credits and networks highlighting the USS Hornet include SyFy – Ghost Hunters s04e422, Travel Channel – Ghost Adventures, MTV Music Video – Saving Abel “18 Days”, BBC – The Battle of Midway special, Buick – new Lacrosse model commercial, Fear Factor – All-Military episode, JAG – Ghost Ship episode, History Channel – Man, Moment, Machine series – Doolittle Raid episode and more. Major motion picture credits include CARRIER, RESCUE DAWN (starring Christian Bale), and  XXX2: STATE OF THE UNION.


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Rock The Bike:
Rock the Bike are inventors and advocates. Their dream is to help spread the spirit of the bike into the broader culture by organizing, entertaining, inspiring, educating, and inventing new ways to get the message out there. Rock the Bike provides Slaughter by the Water with the outside stage entirely powered by you, the rider.  Music has a gift to bring us all together. Pedal Power provides an example of team work that helps us have faith that our individual efforts can collectively matter. One person alone can not power this concert but 10 people working together can. Rock the bike and Slaughter by the Water invite you to wake up early, come to Berkeley, help transport equipment by bike to Alameda, set up the stage and be a part of something big. Rock the Bike stands for clean energy and working together. Come join us and help us put the Pedal to the Metal!

Native American Health Center:

The Native American Health Center’s mission is to assist American Indians and Alaska Natives to improve and maintain their physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being with respect for cultural traditions, and to advocate for the needs of all Indian people. The NAHC has teamed up with Slaughter by the Water to promote their Native youth Wellness initiative to address the very serious issue of Teen Suicide in Indian country today. Together the Native American Health Center and Slaughter by the Water plan to reach every teen in need, and to help them know they are loved. The Native American Health Center is a non profit organization serving the California Bay Area Native Population and other under served populations in the Bay Area. This year is NAHC’s 40th anniversary; as an organization, they have been serving our community since 1972.

Whole Heart Native Warmth Project:
A non-profit organization dedicated to providing warm blankets to the people of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. This is a grassroots organization working in conjunction with Hearts of the Sacred Spirit. Whole Heart and Hearts of the Sacred Spirit are funded through private donations. All of the proceeds go directly to the materials to make the blankets and the cost to ship them. The blankets are made by volunteers either independently or in a gathering. We appreciate your interest in helping provide warmth to the people of Pine Ridge. If you plan on attending the free to the public “Rock the Bike” stage at Slaughter by the Water, we ask that you bring a donation of a blanket or small contribution that goes directly to the Whole Heart Native Warmth Project. Come enjoy live music, food, and vendors right alongside the USS Hornet.