ALBUM REVIEW: Hyro da Hero “Birth, School, Work, Death”

Artist: Hyro da Hero

Album: Birth, School, Work, Death

Genre: Rap/Rock/Hip Hop/Gangsta Rock

Label: Stereo Bang Records


There’s a new voice amongst the hip hop and rock scenes these days that is giving a breath of fresh air to the overly repetitious and trendy music genres.  Hyro da Hero’s debut album “Birth, School, Work, Death” is a high energy and emotionally charged album that is sure to please the ears of all types of music enthusiasts.  Hyro’s album is an eclectic infusion of hip hop and rock that no other band has seemingly done before in such a stylish and tasteful manner.  The lyrics are so emotionally captivating and compelling that it is seemingly impossible for anyone to not enjoy this raw and inspiring blend of music.  Hyro’s fan base that is continually growing by the day and the countless big name acts he has performed with are proof enough to how unique of a sound Hyro da Hero has created.


When listening to Hyro’s songs it is clearly obvious that is nothing like today’s commercial rappers.  Hyro does not waste time embellishing about drugs, guns, women, and money.  Instead his lyrics are full of nothing but pure and raw emotion reflecting on life and its many ups and downs.  The opening track on the album “Grudge” provides listeners with the perfect musical introduction to Hyro as the song explains who he is and what he is about with his music.  Hyro also clearly states that he is not Lil Wayne in the song, and is quite proud of it.  The last thing Hyro is trying to do is be any bit resemblant of today’s trendy hip hop stars.  Instead Hyro’s music delves into real life issues and struggles of everyday average and poor people who are living anything but a life of luxury.


The emotions packed within Hyro’s screams are enough to give listeners the chills.  They are literally able to connect and feel what Hyro is feeling as he holds nothing back.  It’s extremely rare these days for a musician to come along that is so original and captivating with their music.  Hyro stays true to his roots and clearly has not forgotten one bit where he has come from and what he has endured in his life to make it where he currently is.  Hyro is someone who looks to the streets and underground for real inspiration when writing his music.  In an age where the majority of performers all jump on the same trends creating carbon copy music together, Hyro defies all odds and breaks the mold.  Listeners are provided musical tales of life and it’s many up and downs through Hyro’s music.


Hyro certainly holds nothing back on this album with his emotionally charged screams present on “Section 8“, as well as a multitude of other tracks.  He is truly connecting with listeners as they hear someone literally spilling out their emotions in a harmonious and moving manner.  The energy created from Hyro’s music is not something that any artist can go out and replicate.  When Hyro grabs a hold of the mic it is clearly obvious that he is pouring every ounce of his heart and soul into every lyric he spits out.  His lyrics grasp the listener and refuse to let go until the song is finished.


The album showcases a wide range of Hyro’s diversity with smooth and crisp flowing tracks like “We Still Popular” to upbeat supercharged anthems such as “Beam Me Up” and “Sleeping Giants“.  Hyro was privileged enough to have world renowned producer Ross Robinson working on his debut album with him.  Robinson produced the breakout debut albums for a large variety of bands such as Korn, The Deftones, Slipknot, and many more.  Robinson is notoriously known for intensely pushing the musicians he works with to their literal edge and Hyro was no exception.  Hyro spoke of his experience in the studio with Robinson saying “Ross Robinson pulled a lot out me. He pushed me to the edge, and I was able to realize everything I’d always dreamed my music would sound like with his help. It got intense, but it was all worth it, and I’ve got a record that’s going to knock the world on its ass.”


With one of the most original and creative sounds and styles present within the music industry, Hyro da Hero appears to have a very bright and promising future ahead of him.  Add in one of the world’s best producers, Ross Robinson, producing his studio debut album and there is certainly a winning combination.  “Birth, School, Work, Death” is a monumental album that will certainly be taking the music world by storm.  It is a must have for music lovers of all genres.  The album is jam packed with pure and raw emotion blended harmoniously in a variety of manners.  This is music that will have people bobbing their heads, dropping bows, moshing, dancing, or whatever they feel the need to do for generations to come.  Hyro da Hero possess a style that will be often imitated, yet never replicated as it is truly all his own, and there is no one that can take that away from him.  Go check out Hyro da Hero’s debut album “Birth, School, Work, Death” on Stereo Bang Records available now.


Hyro da Hero

Hyro da Hero – vocals

Daniel Anderson – guitar

Cody Votolato – guitar

Paul Hinojos – bass

Mark Gajadhar – drums