DUBLIN DEATH PATROL: New Album ‘Death Sentence’ and Full-Length Re-Issue of ‘DDP4Life’ Both Hit Stores Tomorrow — New Track ‘Mind Sewn Shut’ Streaming Now with MetalInsider.net


Tomorrow, DUBLIN DEATH PATROL will release their new album Death Sentence with Mascot Records. The band will also be re-issuing their previously self-released full-length album DDP4Life. In celebration of these releases, MetalInsider.net has posted an exclusive new track cut from Death Sentence today! You can stream the track now at this location. Make sure to pick up your copies of Death Sentence and DDP4Life tomorrow at the nearest record store.

The collaboration of longtime friends and members of  the DUBLIN DEATH PATROL started in 1980, and eventually led to Testament vocalist Chuck Billy teaming up with fellow Dublin California ragers Willy Lange (Rampage, Laaz Rockit), Steve ZETRO Souza (original Testament vocalist/Exodus vocalist) and three of the Billy Brothers as well as some other local Dublin boys. After six months of writing, arranging and restructuring new and old songs from several years of performing together, the guys went into the studio in 2005 to record the first DUBLIN DEATH PATROL album, DDP4Life, through strains and pains with Vinnie Wojno. In 2011, DUBLIN DEATH PATROL went back into the studio with the same team to record their crushing second album, Death Sentence.




Chuck Billy – Lead Vocals

Steve Souza – Lead Vocals

Willy Lange – Bass

Andy Billy – Rhythm/lead guitar

Steve Robello – Lead/ Rhythm Guitar

Greg Bustamante – Rhythm Guitar

Danny Cunningham -Drums

Troy Luccketta – Drums

John Hartsinck – Lead Guitar

John Souza – Bass

Eddie Billy – Bass


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