ALBUM REVIEW: Ballyhoo “Daydreams”

Artist: Ballyhoo

Album: Daydreams

Genre: Pop Punk/Reggae

Label: Law Records


Maryland based quartet Ballyhoo released their fourth studio album “Daydreams” on Law Records on September 6, 2011.  Since then the band has been on a nonstop touring schedule to promote the album as much as possible.  They just finished an entire summer on the Van’s Warped Tour playing on the House of Marley stage, and are now embarking on a U.S. tour supporting Tribal SeedsBallyhoo has a very unique style and sound. Their music consists of upbeat pop punk melodies while possessing a large reggae influence and feel.


Daydreams” represents the band’s musical diversity quite well.  The album starts off with “Evil Penguin” showcasing the addition of a keyboard to the band, which works rather well musically throughout the album.  The hit single “Last Night” provides upbeat reggae rhythms that dive into melodic and progressive pop punk choruses all with flawless transitions back and forth.  Listener’s are certainly given a wide variety of sounds as opposed to a monotone album providing nothing other than repetition as some others may.  Soft and relaxing grooves are provided on tracks such as “Diamonds” and “If You Gotta Go” that provide laid back and mellow melodies. 


Ballyhoo also provide more upbeat and heavier sounds on songs “Sandcastles” and “The Getaway“, while still maintaining their fresh and crisp reggae influenced tone and style.  Ballyhoo delivers a nonstop infusion of pop punk, reggae, and many other sounds from start to finish on “Daydreams“.  Fans of Sublime, G-Love, Pepper, and other similar groups will certainly feel right at home when listening to Ballyhoo.  For feel good music that is not the latest flavor of the week, check out Ballyhoo’s Daydreams” on Law Records, as it certainly will not disappoint.



Howi Spangler – vocals and guitar

JR Gregory – bass

Donald “Big D” Spangler – drums

Scott Vandrey aka Dj Blaze – turntables and keyboard