ALBUM REVIEW: Echo Movement “Love and the Human Outreach”

Artist: Echo Movement

Album: Love and the Human Outreach

Genre: Modern Reggae/Rock

Label: Jersey Shore Island Beat


Get ready to be sent off to another galaxy with Echo Movement’s newest release “Love and the Human Outreach“.  The Asbury Park, New Jersey based reggae band is bringing listeners something they have truly never heard before.  Echo Movement has included audio samples on their new album that were collected by the NASA Kepler Space Telescope.  The audio is converted from data that is recorded from the telescope viewing a binary star system.  SETI Institute,, and the Sonification Lab at Georgia Tech all contributed into making this possible for Echo Movement.


After a 6 month long process, a 6 second audio sample had been created from the telescope’s data.  The sample can be heard as the introduction on the album’s title track “Love and the Human Outreach“.  This is certainly a musical first of its kind with the use of star data being converted into audio.  The band themselves are highly interested in quantum physics and other physical and life sciences while also having extreme compassion for life and the world around them.  References in regards to theories of quantum entanglement, human evolution, and much more serve as the subject matter throughout the album.


Samples from the phonograph aboard the spaceships Voyager I and II can be found throughout the entire album.  The track “Spaceship Earth” was inspired by engineer and author Buckminster Fuller, while also making slight reference to Terrence McKenna’s Stoned Ape Theory of Evolution.  The love song “In Good Times” is both a simple love song, yet can also be interpreted in relation to the Double Slit Experiment and the Uncertainty Principle.  “Entangled” features an arrangement from J.S. Bach as well as the lyrics pertaining to a romantic play on quantum entanglement.  The album’s final track, “Pale Blue Dream“, derives its name from renowned astronomer and astrophysicist Carl Sagan’s book “Pale Blue Dot” which also served as the song’s inspiration.   This will be the band’s fifth album and it also contains cover artwork that was originally painted by fine artist and surf icon Jay AldersAlders placed a lot of hidden surrealistic imagery in the painting after spending many hours on Skype calls with the band developing concepts long before he ever began painting the piece.


Echo Movement’s unique approach to creating music sets them far apart from any stereotypical reggae band.  Seldom is there an artist in any genre of music whose subject matter delves into such intellectual and scientific theories all while sounding great and upbeat.  The soft and tender vocals are supported by crisp guitar melodies, solid bass and drum rhythms, psychedelic keyboard grooves, and beautifully toned trumpet and saxophone.  The band represents much more than just reggae music.  The instrumental talents of each individual are easily distinguishable on a variety of tracks as they showcase the band’s diverse, classical, and worldly sound.


With such high level of complex subject matter being placed within the music the album may sound a bit intimidating to some.  Yet from the moment the first track, “Rising Sunset” kicks in, listeners are transported on a soothing journey out this world and into another dimension.  The fusion of cosmic sounding melodies and rhythms all backed by smooth island style reggae tone create a musical experience unlike any other.  Echo Movement is a band that certainly knows no personal boundaries both within their lives and their music.  “Love and the Human Outreach” is an exquisite culmination of music both from this planet and beyond that is sure to please the ears and gain the following of a wide variety of listeners.  Echo Movement is paving the way for a whole genre of music with this album.  Follow the links below to keep up with Echo Movement’s latest news, releases, tour updates, and more.


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