Eye Empire

 September 5, 2012

 Another Hole In The Wall

 Steger, IL


The hard rock band Eye Empire came to Another Hole In The Wall in Steger, Illinois this past Wednesday.  The stop was a part of their “Impact Tour 2012” which is promoting their latest album, “Impact” that came out on June 19, 2012.  The bands Vilifi and Downstait accompanied Eye Empire as their supporting acts throughout the tour.  Local support for the evening was provided by Eight Pound Gorilla, Faces of the Bog, Dawn Begins, and A Life More Acceptable.  The venue was lined with a vast amount of active and enthusiastic fans that were anxiously awaiting Eye Empire to take the stage; both the local acts and touring support put on very entertaining performances that warmed up the crowd well for the headliners.


Once Eye Empire took the stage, the crowd immediately rushed towards the front of the stage.  The crowd moved with such force that the security railing nearly unbolted from the floor as it flexed back and forth despite heavy duty concrete anchors embedded into its base.  Nonetheless the railing stayed put for the evening as Eye Empire performed for well over an hour.  Fans were treated to a variety of songs from the band’s prior album, “Moment of Impact“, and their most current release “Impact“.  A great mix of crunching guitars, pounding bass, smooth drums, and piercing vocals blended together harmoniously.  Combined with the band’s nonstop movement that included flailing dreadlocks and neon green bass strings zipping about the stage, Eye Empire certainly put on an entertaining performance.


The band possesses a very diverse style relevant to each member of the band.  Part of what makes Eye Empire so unique is due to each member’s prior band history.  Lead singer Donald Carpenter is formally from Submersed.  Lead guitar player B.C. Kochmit and bassist Corey Lowery were from the Dark New Day.  Drummer Ryan Bennett was from Texas Hippie Coalition.  Besides earning them the label “Supergroup” from some people, the band also possess an incredibly unique sound and style.  Eye Empire is certainly doing very well for themselves early on as a band and seem to be extremely motivated to continue moving forward.  The band is constantly touring across the country when they are not in the studio.  If given the opportunity, do not miss Eye Empire as they put on an excellent performance that is not to be missed.