REVIEW: Parkway Drive “Dark Days” (Single)

Artist: Parkway Drive
Album: Atlas
Genre: Metal/Hardcore
Label: Epitaph/Resist
The Australian metal-core band Parkway Drive announced the upcoming release of the band’s extremely anticipated 4th studio album, Atlas, which is due to be released through Epitaph Records on 10/30 in the US and Canada.  With this news the band also gave a sample of what they have been working on since their last album, Deep Blue; a music video debut, accompanied with lyrics of the first song shared from their upcoming album Atlas, the song is titled Dark Days.


This track starts out slightly different than what we have heard in some of Parkway Drive’s previous music, but quickly gets right to what the fans have come to know.  Some differences which are clearly distinguishable when compared to Deep Blue while listening to this song are that it has moments where it sounds much more hardcore, yet also resembling Horizons.  Lyrically, the content is not so much about feelings or emotions with this song as it was with their earlier releases; it certainly implies that the world is going to Hell in a hand basket and that people’s inability to learn from their mistakes will contribute to our demise.    Dark Days also features a rock style guitar solo, which is not typical for Parkway Drive.


It seems the band is trying out a slightly different style with this album release, but none the less fans can rest assured that Parkway Drive is still going to deliver the decimating metal-core music they thirst for!  Vocally, Winston has lived up to the expectations fans have come to know and love; sounding as fierce and brutal as ever.  Ben and Jia bring the heavy hitting bass and drums pounding out of the speakers as usual.  The melodic yet intricate guitar riffs provided by Luke and Jeff, stay stuck in your head long after the song has ended.  The last breakdown truly defines Parkway Drive’s hardcore origins.


Dark Days is full of power and delivers a message that too many of us look past on a daily basis.  A real treat for Parkway Drive fans who have anxiously been waiting new material from the band for about 2 years.  Atlas is due to drop on 10/30; be sure to pick it up, and visit their Facebook page for tour updates.  Also be sure to check out Parkway Drive when they tour, as it is a performance never to be missed!  We are very excitedly awaiting Parkway Drive’s North American tour because that is when the hardcore massacre will begin.


Parkway Drive

Winston McCall – vocals
Luke Kilpatrick – guitar
Jeff Ling – guitar
Ben Gordon – drums
Jia “Pie” O’Connor – bass