ALBUM REVIEW: Halo 4, The Original Soundtrack & Remix Album

Artist: Neil Davidge

Album: Halo 4, The Original Soundtrack/Remix Album

Genre: Soundtrack

Label: 7Hz/The End/Red
The upcoming release of the Halo 4 Original Soundtrack on October 22, 2012 marks the first time since the game’s inception that a new composer has handled the soundtrack duties for the game.  World renowned British composer and producer Neil Davidge (producer and co-composer of the last three Massive Attack albums) created an elaborate and suspenseful masterpiece for Halo 4 after being selected to compose the soundtrack for the game.  A wide variety of orchestral and worldly tones come together in a beautifully produced harmony that is sure to set the mood for an intense level of game play.  Davidge worked in close collaboration with Microsoft and 343 Studios throughout the entire process.  A full 50-piece orchestra, full choir, numerous other vocalists, and Davidge’s production team were also enlisted to help bring an amazing musical ensemble to come to life.  The end result resembles that of an award winning cinematic score.  The Halo 4 Original Soundtrack will certainly exceed many expectations as far as what would be expected for a video game soundtrack.


Halo fans will have to wait on any actual game play until November 6 however, which is when Halo 4 the game is set to release for Xbox 360.  The Halo 4 Original Soundtrack will certainly deliver captivating, suspenseful, and inspiring melodies that are sure to increase the already eager anticipation of the games coming release.  November 6 is also the release date of the Halo 4 Original Soundtrack Remix.  The Remix was co-produced by Neil Davidge along with some of the world’s most renowned electronica producers and artists.  Appearances by Dj Skee and Thx, Sander Van Doorn and Julian Gardner, Gui Boratto, Caspa, Apocalyptica, James Iha, Hundred Waters, and more are present on the collaborative album.


This is the first time the Halo series has ever featured a Remix Album.  With an all-star lineup of guest contributors, the Remix Album certainly does not disappoint.  Working side by side with Davidge, each guest musician provided their own unique and artistic approach on how they remixed their given track.  Every artist stayed true to Davidge’s original composition while providing modern flare and twists to each song.  With the Halo 4 Original Soundtrack providing a cinematic score, the Halo 4 Original Soundtrack Remix provides bass pounding beats and electronic rhythms.  The Remix is similar to the latest tracks spinning in popular night clubs around the world.  Certainly a completely different musical approach to Davidge’s original compositions, however many key elements and samples are heard throughout the Remix Album blending the two together wonderfully.  Fans of electronica, dubstep, and more are sure to love the remix.  The elaborate beauty of musical diversity is showcased wonderfully through the Halo 4 Original Soundtrack Remix showcasing what can be achieved when different musical cultures come together.


There will also be a Halo 4 Limited Special Edition Box Set released on November 6 that will each be individually numbered which includes the Halo 4 Remix Album, as well as a 70 minute “Making of Halo 4 Music” DVD, a book that has behind the scenes footage and production notes from Davidge, a full color vinyl picture disk, and an exclusive signed art print.  The Halo franchise has sold over 43 million game copies worldwide and generated over $3 billion in revenue since it first began.  With two outstanding soundtracks featuring world renowned artists and producers, Halo 4 is sure to have an incredible impact on the music world.  The ability to lure in fans of classical music as well as modern electronica fans seems to be musical and marketing genius for the Halo franchise targeting an extremely diverse audience.


Be sure to pick up the Halo 4 Original Soundtrack on October 22 for a classical ensemble full of captivating orchestral harmonies, Die hard game fans certainly will be thrilled to listen to the album and envision themselves playing Halo 4 for the next two weeks leading up to the game’s release.  On November 6 grab the Halo 4 Limited Edition Box Set when you pick up the game to hear a truly unique and diversion interpretation of the game’s original soundtrack. The Halo 4 Soundtracks are sure to please the ears of both fans and non-fans of the Halo games proving to be two essential albums for fans of classical, modern, and diverse music.


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