ALBUM REVIEW: Travis T. Warren “Beneath These Borrowed Skies”

Artist: Travis T. Warren

Album: Beneath These Borrowed Skies

Genre: Rock

Label: Clarity Way Records


Beneath These Borrowed Skies” is the debut album from current Blind Melon vocalist Travis T. Warren.  For this album Warren wanted to create something that incorporated his passion for a variety of musical genres and artists ranging from Slayer to Paul Oakenfold, and others.  “I wanted this album to be cohesive, but I also wanted it to have all kinds of my influences across the board,” says Warren in regards to what he was trying to create with his solo album.  “Beneath These Borrowed Skies” is a diverse and well composed album that captures Warren‘s many musical influences in a variety of manners.  Tracks range from upbeat rock, to slow ballad style melodies, and even some electronic influenced songs as well.


Present throughout the entire album are Warren‘s charismatic and captivating vocals in a wide range of tones that all have his signature rasp applied to them.  “Beneath These Borrowed Skies” is an album that brings about feelings of nostalgia and reflections upon the past at times while also touching on the future that lies ahead.  Warren‘s vintage guitar tone and wide range of melodies blend together harmoniously throughout each track; Travis not only wrote the entire album, but also produced it.  Doing this gave him full control to truly harness the sound he was striving for within his music, and it is just that he seems to have done with his solo debut.


The album was released through Clarity Way Records which are a very unique record label in their own regard.  Clarity Way works with artists that are in recovery from drug and alcohol addictions to show that there is still hope, creativity, and healthy fulfilled life within and beyond recovery.  With Warren being a recovering musician, Clarity Way Records seemed like a great label to partner with for his solo album.  The label also donates all of its proceeds to MusiCares, a non-profit foundation established through a division of The Grammys in 1989 that helps to provide support for musicians in financial, medical, or personal need.


Aside from being the replacement for Shannon Hoon, the deceased vocalist of Blind Melon, Warren also has another side project called The Lookout Kids.  The band consists of Warren and drummer Sarah Scarlata.  Their music is a bit more upbeat and heavier than Warren‘s solo work or that with Blind Melon, providing another creative outlet for Warren to showcase his musical diversity.  The Lookout Kids debut album “Snitches Get Stitches” released on August 14, 2012.  Travis T. Warren’s debut solo album “Beneath These Borrowed Skies” released on September 25, 2012.  Between fronting two bands along with a solo career, Warren seems to be one of the busiest musicians in the industry today.  Be sure to check out “Beneath These Borrowed Skies” the solo debut album from Travis T. Warren for wholesome and melodic rock spanning a wide range of rhythm and styles that is sure to please your ears.



Beneath These Borrowed Skies Tracklist

01. From the Depths You Have Made

02. Golden Lives

03. The Crossing

04. Sweet Memories

05. War Toys

06. Leave the Light On

07. A Winters Tale

08. Horizons Tide

09. Further Along

10. Bones & Time

11. Hand Me Down