ALBUM REVIEW: Manafest “Fighter”

Artist:  Manafest

Album:  Fighter

Genre:  Rock

Label:  BEC Recordings/ Tooth & Nail/ EMI


Toronto, Canada’s Manafest brings a positive and refreshing blend of rock and hip hop with his latest release “Fighter“.  Manafest, whose real name is Chris Greenwood, takes his real life tragedies and blends them into positive musical tales of strength, triumph, and perseverance.  With his fifth studio album, “Fighter“, Manafest’s goal was to “keep bringing a light to people; keep fighting.”  By sharing his struggles with the world musically, Manafest is an artist truly putting his heart and soul into each and every song he composes.


Musical influences such as P.O.D., Linkin Park, and Three Days Grace are easily heard throughout “Fighter“.  Worldwide the album has been a huge success, and it has been steadily climbing the Christian rock charts in the U.S. as well.  Two of the album’s singles, “Pushover” and “Fighter“, have both peaked at #1 on the Christian rock charts as well.  The entire album blends hip hop style lyrics with crunching guitar, drum, and bass to create an in your face and inspirational mix of music.  Although influences from mainstream bands can be heard, Manafest has a unique style all his own.  Seldom is such a positive message portrayed in music these days.


Starting back to early childhood, Manafest has learned to overcome a large variety of personal tragedies successfully.  His music was meant to inspire anyone that listens to it to keep their heads up, and never give up.  “Fighter” does just that as the entire album spreads the message of being positive.  The album does not cross any boundaries in regards to forcing religious beliefs on its listeners either, something that some music fans typically do not appreciate.  Instead Manafest is a prime example of a truly talented artist who can maintain a positive image while being accepted by a wide variety of fans. Manafest is currently on tour with Saving Abel throughout the U.S. giving it his all every time he steps foot on stage.  Despite his many successes, Manafest feels that he has just barely to break through the surface.  For an upbeat and rthymic blend of hip hop and rock be sure to check “Fighter” by Manafest on BEC Recordings/ Tooth & Nail/ EMI available worldwide.