INTERVIEW: Travis T. Warren

Travis T. Warren recently released his solo album “Beneath These Borrowed Skies” on Clarity Way Records.  Despite how jam packed his schedule is being involved with not one, but three musical endeavors such as, lead vocalist in Blind Melon, The Lookout Kids and of course his solo project, he was kind enough to share some insight on his life, inspiration and more in this interview.  Travis T. Warren is far from your typical mainstream musician.  Global crisis, government corruption, and more lie at the heart of his true concerns in life.  In an era where most people are solely out for themselves, Travis is thankful to just be able to survive in our world of unknown.


Aside from your parents, who would you say were some of your biggest musical inspirations were growing up?

Angus & Malcom Young, early Metallica, Lindsey Buckingham, Pantera, Slayer, Tool, Jane’s Addiction, Stevie Ray Vaughn to name just a few.  My styles and influences changed a bit when I got older but the artists I listed played a huge role on guitar playing and singing growing up


How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

Well I don’t really like putting a genre stamp on my music because I pull from so many different influences. However when people ask, I usually keep it simple and just say Rock N’ Roll.


Do you find it difficult to balance your time, creativity, and more between Blind Melon, The Lookout Kids, and your solo project?

At times, yes it can be hard. I want to be able and give all the bands I’m apart of my full attention.  Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen. Fortunately for me, my band members all have other things going on so they’re not left hanging. We all have different projects going on.


What do you feel has been your biggest challenge with being a musician so far?

Hahaha, the question should be “What HASN’T been your biggest challenges”.  Well for starters, trying to be financially stable in today’s industry is becoming harder and harder for musicians. I think it’s harder for musicians like myself who don’t really “fit” into the commercial pocket to peek through what’s out there today. I have stayed true to make art and what I believe in but it hasn’t made my road easier by any means. It’s sort of a gift and a curse I suppose.


Any future plans, goals, or anything upcoming you would like to mention?

My main goal is to survive in this world of the unknown. I believe there are many changes that are headed our way in the near future. I think people need to start paying more attention to our Mother Earth and her cries. People need to start paying more attention to our politics as well as foreign. I think over the last  few years, a lot of people have swayed away from these important issues and seemed to be more concerned with who got kicked off Dancing With The Stars then focusing on our environment and the policies that are shaping this country.  I’m sure if you asked some random person what the NDAA was, they wouldn’t have a clue. This is absolutely terrifying. So as far as future plans, I believe it’s my duty to bring this awareness to as many people as possible through my voice, music and any other way I can. This should be everybody’s duty. Our government has turned into a corporation and there main goal isn’t the American people. It’s money and controlling all resources. People have got to start waking up to this before it’s too late.  After being in Spain for a while, I’ve noticed that most people here are not just aware of their own politics but American politics as well. They genuinely care about what is going on in the world. This was very inspirational to witness.  I wish more Americans shared this same enthusiasm regarding world politics and the environment.


Is there anyone you would like to thank or acknowledge?

I want to thank anyone who has ever contributed something positive and helped to make this word a better place. To anyone has ever helped someone in need. These are the true hero’s in the world



Be sure to check out “Beneath These Borrowed Skies” and for more updates about Travis T. Warren use the links below.