Manafest is currently on tour with Saving Abel.  Although he is in the middle of a massive tour right now, he took some time out of his hectic schedule to answer our questions.  His blend of hip hop and rock anthems inspires listeners to stay positive regardless of what life brings.  Manafest is a prime example of a truly talented artist who can maintain a positive image while being accepted by a wide variety of fans.  Worldwide Manafest’s latest album, “Fighter”, has been a huge success and it has been steadily climbing the Christian rock charts in the U.S. as well.  Even though it has been anything but an easy road so far, Manafest continues forward in life and keeps on fighting.


Through life’s ups and downs has religion always been an integral part of your life, or were there times where you either lost or questioned your faith?  If so what inspired you to get back on track?

Since I was 14 I’ve always held strong to my faith as it’s always been a foundation when life around me would fall apart.  I never questioned my faith or God as much as I questioned the poor decisions I made that got me in a dark place.
What does an average day in your life typically consist of?

If I’m on tour, I try to wake up before the rest of my team, have a tea, read something inspirational and do some writing before we hit the road.  Subway is a popular stop off when driving to a show.  If I’m at home I’m normally writing and working on other business stuff to do with music.  At home I like to take time to skateboard, surf and go to movies.


Do you have any personal heroes or people that inspire you?

My musical heroes are: Michael Jackson, Eminem, Beastie Boys, and Linkin Park.  My business heroes are: Peter Daniels, Ryan Blair and W. Clement Stone.  My Biblical heroes are: Paul the Apostle and Jesus.


Is there anything that you like or dislike the most about being on tour?

Not having my own space and not getting enough sleep.


How has your music evolved since you first began?

I don’t suck anymore… 🙂  I understand how to write music to communicate a story now and also make it catchy.  I used to do more hip hop in 2001 when I first started, now it’s a rock thing and I tour with a full band.


What has been your biggest challenge to overcome as an artist?

Learning how to handle rejection and respond positively.


Anyone you would like to acknowledge, thank or any last words?

My wife for being a continued support, my fans, and the team God has blessed me with.


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FIGHTER in stores & online now!
Almost 200,000 records sold worldwide
2 time Juno Award nominee & over 1,000 shows rocked on 4 continents!!! (blog)