Office Romance (Feat. Les Savy Fav Members and Amy Carlson from CBS’s Blue Bloods) To Release ‘I Love The Holidays’ Featuring Guest Vocalist Alex Winston || EP Out 12/11 On Frenchkiss Records

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Office Romance is the writing team of SYD BUTLER, SETH JABOUR of LES SAVY FAV and Butler’s long time partner AMY CARLSON (Currently of Blue Bloods on CBS)


This 3 song EP, entitled “I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS” represents Amy’s love for holiday music and highlights a different musical approach for Syd and Seth.


Syd Butler says “Writing a holiday song was harder than we expected. On one hand you have a map and on the other hand you know you can’t stray to far off the path. At the end of the day is was a great challenge and a lot of fun to break out of the post punk/art genre to write a song or style I was not very comfortable writing.”


Seth Jabour adds, “Syd and I have always had a great song writing chemistry, so I was excited at the challenge of applying our talents to a new genre and style of songwriting. We were very fortunate to work with some incredibly talented people on these songs, and I think that comes across through the performances. Although this took some adjusting (art rock, this is not), I never doubted that we’d succeed in writing meaningful and catchy holiday tunes. Having Amy involved was a treat, as lyrics are not my thing (I’m surprised I managed to even type this.) Overall I found the process to be fun, frustrating at times, and ultimately rewarding. I look forward to what’s next for Office Romance.”


Amy agrees, “It was a  thrill to work with Syd as well as Seth, whose music I have admired for years.”  Carlson, a true lover of holiday music, had a blast, drew lyrical inspiration from the classics ranging from Bing to Billie.