Artist:  Yoko Ono/Various Artists

Album:  ONO.MIX

Genre:  Electronic/Dance

Label:  Mind Train/Twisted Records


Yoko Ono has once again proved to be a timeless iconic figure within the music world.  For the past ten years a select amount of her songs have been remixed into modern electronic style music by select artists throughout the world in collaboration with Yoko Ono.  “ONO.MIX” is a culmination of 30 tracks from select songs which have been remixed and released over the past decade.  Artists such as Basement Jaxx, Danny Tenaglia, Ralphi Rosario, Dave Aude, Bimbo Jones, Richard Morel, Francois K., Eric Kupper, DJ MEME, Jochem Simms, Karsh Kale, Roberto Rodriguez, and more lend their unique and diverse perspective to each song in a nonstop mix to deliver a two disc rhythmic infusion of new age electronic music combined with Yoko Ono’s classic hits.


ONO.MIX” proves that without a doubt Yoko Ono was a certainly a unique visionary beginning within her messages many decades ago.  She has successfully helped to reinvent her deep and meaningful music and portrayed it to an entirely new generation of fans.  Many of these fans may have never even been exposed to any of Yoko Ono’s musical works had it not have been for “ONO.MIX“.  Instead a multitude of genres are now being exposed to her greatest hits remixed with modern electronic beats blasting through nightclub speakers across the world.


There have been nine number one singles off of “ONO.MIX” on the Billboard Club Hits Chart.  Needless to say, the reception has been enormous for this album.  It proves to be a great listen that can promote the musical ambiance of a nightclub anywhere it may be playing. It does not matter whether the album is being played in a car, at home, or anywhere for that matter; “ONO.MIX” embodies and presents Yoko Ono’s historical messages to a wide variety of music lovers and nightlife patrons throughout the world. Millions upon millions of people are now hearing Yoko Ono classics such as “Give Peace A Chance“, “No No No“, along with others that are remixed and being played seven nights a week in some of the hippest clubs worldwide.


Often given credit for being a pioneer of the early punk rock movement, Yoko Ono’s original music was deemed highly experimental upon its original inception.  Modern society has certainly dispelled that notion with “ONO.MIX” possessing some of today’s hottest club mixes currently heard that are based off of Yoko Ono’s original music.  The sporadic and highly experimental sound of Yoko Ono’s music upon its original release may have been too much for the mainstream to grasp and conceive at that time, but modern musical technology and personal creativity from some of the world’s finest artists have helped to provide proof that Yoko Ono was an artistic, musical, and cultural pioneer truly ahead of her time.  “ONO.MIX” pays homage to Yoko Ono for her creative genius and bravery to defy the mainstream genre and create music and art based upon what she felt and believed in.  Although the mix may not be for everyone, it is certainly worth listening to if only just to appreciate the collaboration of Yoko Ono with many other modern artists.!home/mainPage