ALBUM REVIEW: Take Action Compilation Volume 11

Artist:  Various

Album:  Take Action Volume 11

Genre:  Various

Label:  Hopeless Records/Sub City Records

Take Action Volume 11 is a musical compilation for charity that will be released through Hopeless/Sub City Records on January 8, 2013.  The eleventh installment of the annual musical compilation is a two disc set consisting of 38 tracks from a wide variety of well known artists.  To sweeten the deal even more, nearly half of the tracks on the album are either rare or unreleased works from their respective bands.  Now also take into consideration that the proceeds from the album sales go to charity making Take Action Volume 11 a deal that is too good to refuse.


Back in 1999 Hopeless Records came up with the noble idea of wanting to bring together both the bands and their fans through music for the sake of charity.  Sub City Records was then born as a subsidiary of Hopeless Records where artists would have their choice of charity for a portion of their album revenues to then be donated to.  For over ten years now Sub City Records has raised over $2 million for more than 50 different non-profit organizations.  The Take Action Tour was spawned at the same time as Sub City Records to take things on the road raising money for charity as well as spreading social awareness about a variety of issues present in our society.  The tour also connects fans together to help bring about change in a variety of ways.  In an industry where many labels only care about dollar signs, Hopeless/Sub City Records have taken the humanitarian approach to things helping to better the world and lives of countless individuals who truly need the help.


Some of the bigger names on the Take Action Volume 11 compilation include The Used, Falling In Reverse, Parkway Drive, Bad Religion, Enter Shikari, Sleeping With Sirens, Whitechapel, All Time Low, Periphery, Memphis May Fire, and many more great bands.  With a double disc set full of many rare and unreleased songs from a variety of well known and up and coming artists along with the profits going to charity, Take Action Volume 11 is quite possibly one the best album purchases that can be made.  This year both the album and tour are working in collaboration with the It Gets Better Project.  The organization raises social awareness and provides help for gay and lesbian teens that are being bullied for their lifestyle.


The Take Action Tour 2013 features The Used, We Came As Romans, Crown The Empire, and Mindflow providing a diverse lineup that is sure to sell out venues across the country.  The Take Action Tour 2013 will be venturing across the country starting on January 11 through March 1 putting on a one of a kind performance for a good cause.  Take Action Volume 11 will be available in stores and via digital download on January 8 and is certainly worth every single penny spent on it.  The unique blend of so many different artists and their diverse musical styles all coming together to help raise money and spread awareness about charitable organizations and people in need is something truly of its own.  With many tracks being rare and unreleased that cannot be found anywhere else, Take Action Volume 11 is one of the biggest releases of 2013 and is an essential purchase for any fans collection, as well as those wanting to help give back to charity while acquiring some incredible music.



Track Listing
*denotes rare or unreleased


1. The Used – The Lonely*
2. We Came As Romans – Fair-weather*
3. AWOLNATION- Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix)*
4. Bad Religion – Fuck You*
5. The Wonder Years – Local Man Ruins Everything (Nervous Energies)*
6. Mayday Parade – Oh Well, Oh Well (Acoustic)
7. Falling in Reverse – The Drug In Me Is You
8. Enter Shikari – Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here (Tek One Mix)*
9. Whitechapel – Animus
10. Periphery – Far Out (Instrumental)*
11. Sleeping With Sirens – James Dean & Audrey Hepburn (Acoustic Version)
12. All Time Low – The Reckless & The Brave (Acoustic)*
13. Never Shout Never – Pray For Peace (Demo)*
14. 3OH!3 – You’re Gonna Love This (Wuki Remix)*
15. The Summer Set – Fuck U Over
16. Say Anything – Their Notions



1. Glass Cloud – Everybody Wants To Rule The World*
2. Ice Nine Kills – What I Never Learned in Study Hall (6 Feet Below)*
3. Memphis May Fire – Prove Me Right
4. Upon This Dawning – A New Beginning
5. Parkway Drive – Dark Days
6. SHARKS – Sea Of All Seas*
7. Balance & Composure – Quake
8. Silver Snakes – All My Eye*
9. Broadway Calls – Bring On The Storm*
10. We Are The Ocean – Machine
11. Transit – Skipping Stone (Alternate Version)
12. Seahaven – Understanding (Acoustic)*
13. Set It Off – Dream Catcher
14. I Am The Avalanche – I’ll Be Back Around
15. The Scene Aesthetic – Carelessly (feat. Dresses)*
16. Plug In Stereo – I Hope You Know (feat. Tay Jardine)*
17. William Beckett – 48 In A Hospital *
18. Itch – London Is Burning*
19. Twin Atlantic – Make A Beast Of Myself (Space Brother Remix)*
20. The Animal In Me – Speak*
21. Hell Or Highwater – Come Alive (Acoustic)*
22. Palisades – Bury It (Acoustic)*