SHOW REVIEW: Take Action Tour 2013 Featuring The Used

For over a decade the Take Action Tour has compiled some of the greatest bands around and put them on a massive tour together to raise money and social awareness for charity.  The idea of fusing music and charity together is a beautiful concept in itself as fans are able to experience terrific performances while also knowing that they are giving back to a good cause through purchasing the Take Action compilation albums and tickets.  The Take Action Tour has certainly become well known for its charitable work around the globe and this year’s tour was one of their best yet.  The tour partnered up with The It Gets Better Project which is an organization that provides social awareness and help for gay and lesbian teens that are being bullied for their lifestyle.


This year the Take Action Tour is being headlined by The Used with We Came As Romans, Crown The Empire, and MindFlow as the supporting bands.  An all star lineup of terrific bands made a for a fantastic evening as the tour came to the House of Blues in Chicago, Illinois this past Wednesday evening.  Starting the evening’s festivities off was Brazil’s MindFlow.  The band was ecstatic to be back touring in the U.S. once again.  MindFlow’s unique blend of hardcore and metal combined with Latin and tribal undertones creates a sound that is truly their own.  MindFlow’s performance left the crowd more than warmed up as the venue erupted in applause for one of Brazil’s finest bands.


Texas natives Crown The Empire took the stage next.  Once the lights went dark and audio from “The Fallout” began to play, the crowd erupted in screams and surged towards the stage.  The six piece band wasted no time going right into their set.  Fans were treated to plenty of new material from the band’s debut full length album “The Fallout” as well as older material from their prior EP “Limitless”.  Crown The Empire have been touring nonstop throughout the past year and it has certainly been paying off for them.  The crowd went wild for every song as vocalists Andy Leo and David Escamilla went back and forth blending their vocal styles together harmoniously.  Crown The Empire put on a terrific live performance and are a band to look out for as they have just begun break onto the music scene while picking up a massive fanbase along the way.


Michigan’s We Came As Romans took the stage as the venue roared with screams.  The band’s six piece musical assault really had fans going with the entire venue bouncing and shaking.  We Came As Romans played a variety of old and new material for their set.  Fans were lucky enough to have the band perform their two newest singles “Let These Words Last Forever” and “Hope.”  The highlight of We Came As Romans set was lead vocalist Kyle Pavone flinging himself out in the crowd to perform the band’s last song.  Truly a once in a lifetime experience for the fans who happened to be in the right place at the right time.  We Came As Romans put on an intense set while also addressing the crowd in a positive manner to promote peace and equality amongst each other giving fans some true words of wisdom.


Closing the night out was the world famous band The Used.  With over a decade of worldwide touring and successful albums under their belt, The Used were celebrating the release of their double disc “Vulnerable II” just one day before this stop on the tour.  The Used took the crowd by storm with a high end light setup and fog adding to the ambience of their stage presence.  A variety of hits old and new were performed leaving fans more than satisfied.  Lead vocalist Bert McCracken’s wide range of soft and somber melodic vocals combined with his emotionally charged piercing screams echoed throughout the entire building.  The Used put on one of a kind performance that their fans love and expect from them leaving the crowd more than satisfied by the end of the night.


Once again the Take Action Tour has united a wide variety of fans together for a night of great music as well as promoting a good cause.  The venue was filled nearly to capacity as fans of all ages filled into every vacant spot possible.  MindFlow, Crown The Empire, We Came As Romans, and The Used all put on top notch performances.  In the end, fans were able to be a part of a truly unique music tour that supports a variety of great causes all while getting to enjoy a killer show.  There are not many other tours out there that can compete with this one.  Be sure to follow each of the bands links below for their latest news, tour info, other updates, and also check out our interviews with The Used and MindFlow from January 23, 2013.