SHOW REVIEW: Aaron Carter & Alexander Cardinale | AHITW | Steger, IL

Aaron Carter, teen heart throb from the early 2000s is back performing and on tour again after a nearly ten year hiatus.  The pop sensation, who is now 25 years old, has created a tour based off of the namesake of his debut album “Aaron’s Party” by naming the tour “The After Party Tour” and heading across the country with it.  On May 4, 2013 the tour came to Another Hole In The Wall in Steger, Illinois.  Along for support on the tour is the one man musical extraordinaire Alexander Cardinale.  The venue was near capacity for this event as fans had lined up around the building prior to the doors even opening for the show.


Once the eager fans had filed inside, the soft acoustic tones of Alexander Cardinale’s one man show flowed throughout the speakers.  Cardinale’s soft and emotional songs have been featured on national television shows such as Beverly Hills 90210, One Tree Hill, The Ghost Whisperer, and more. This evening’s crowd was quite familiar with his work as they sang along on a variety of songs word for word.  One of the most noteworthy parts of Cardinale’s live performance is that it is just him with an acoustic guitar and a microphone on stage accompanied with the occasional harmonica, putting on a raw and organic no gimmicks performance.   Besides writing and performing music, Cardinale is also an accomplished actor with a starring role in the dark comedy Apocalypse, CA being his most notable role.  Alexander Cardinale put on a great set and is certainly someone to keep an eye on as he has been quickly making a name for himself in both the music and film industry.


Next up was the headliner for the night.  The one and only Aaron Carter was the reason that hundreds of people descended upon Another Hole In The Wall on this particular evening.  The majority of those patrons happened to be 18 – 21 year old females living out their nostalgia from childhood dreams of an Aaron Carter performance.  Some of those in attendance may have been to one of his shows a decade or so ago, but it certainly could not compare to the intimacy provided at a venue like this one.  After quite the lengthy intermission and countless “Aaron” chants from the crowd the lights finally went dark, and the decibel levels in the venue drastically jumped as hundreds of female fans erupted into piercing screams.  Aaron Carter came on stage accompanied with two back up dancers and deejay for support.  Wasting little time they jumped into a fury of high speed synchronized dance moves, full of flips and spins combined with Carter’s rhymes as the crowd went insane.


With multiple wardrobe changes, synchronized American Flag twirling, lightning fast dance moves, and much more Aaron Carter’s performance brought closure to the childhood dreams of hundred of females in attendance.  Some dedicated fans brought posters and were even possibly in tears at one point.  Needless to say Aaron Carter and “The After Party Tour” were without a doubt a success.  The key to that all being the ability to bring about the nostalgia and closure for fans worldwide, many of whom never had the chance to see him perform live during their childhood.  Aaron Carter is without a doubt proving his ability to successfully still melt the hearts of women of all ages.  The massive, largely female, crowds in attendance throughout the tour are a definite sign of that.  The tour’s success has led Carter to begin working on new material.  Alexander Cardinale was a great success as well with his soft and emotional style, providing a mellow and soothing atmosphere just before Aaron Carter’s dance explosion dominated the stage.  Both artists put on great performances in their own regard and show no signs of slowing down with plenty of projects in the works for the near future.  Be sure to the follow the links below to keep up to date with each artist’s latest news, tour info, and more.

Words and Photos By: Michael Gonzales and Terri Vines