Ace Enders’ I CAN MAKE A MESS To Release ‘Enola’ on June 11 via Rise Records

New Song Streaming on Facebook

Catch I CAN MAKE A MESS/THE EARLY NOVEMBER on the Vans Warped Tour


The Early November front man Ace Enders will release a new LP, Enola, from his solo project I Can Make A Mess on June 11via Rise Records. All week, tracks from the album have been premiering on sites such as Absolutepunk, Altpress and Propertyofzack, and today, a song titled “Listen Lesson/Keep Away” is streaming on The ICMAM Facebook page. To check it out, visit:


To listen to this week’s other ICMAM song premieres, head to:


“Ancient Crows”


“Adaptation Cell”


In addition to sets with The Early November, Ace will be playing as I Can Make A Mess at every date of the 2013 Van’s Warped Tour on the Acoustic Basement stage.


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About I Can Make A Mess:


When you’re the main songwriter and driving force in a successful band, you often find yourself creatively stifled. Your fans have certain expectations, and therefore you have an obligation to deliver to them an album that meets their expectations, fits in their comfort zone, all while growing and maturing as an artist. The problem with this is, true artists are capable of so much more, music to them is an art, and the urge to create something new and exciting is something that they can’t suppress.


Ace Enders found that success, both critically and commercially during his tenure as the main songwriter of The Early November. The band went on to sell over 450,000 albums (3 of which sold over 100,000). And as much as Ace loved penning rock classics such as “Ever So Sweet” and “I Want To Hear You Sad,” he wanted more, he wanted something different. He wanted to be able to write songs that were more experimental, and creative. He wanted to work in his own studio, on his own schedule and create songs that were truly important to him and a pure reflection of who he was as an artist.


These desires grew until they finally manifested into I Can Make A Mess, Enders’ solo project. I Can Make A Mess, isn’t just a flash in the pan one off solo album. Over the past 9 years Enders has recorded four full length albums, he’s had his songs in commercial movie trailers such as Must Love Dogs and has toured the country with bands such as All American Rejects.


His newest masterpiece is titled Enola and it will be issued on Rise Records in the summer of 2013. The album is passionate, and personal, experimental and honest, it’s a must for fans of Bon Iver, Iron & Wine, Animal Collective and American Football. If you’re looking for great songs, that are a little out of your comfort zone, look no further. The LP version of Enola comes on colored vinyl and also includes a bonus CD.