ALBUM REVIEW: Face To Face | Three Chords and a Half Truth

Veteran punk rockers Face to Face were a huge part of punk rock music throughout the 90’s.  Their sound for the time was fresh, upbeat, and melodic giving the band their own unique style compared to the punk rock scene and standards for the time.  Face to Face experienced a large amount of success in 1994 with their hit song “Disconnected” being featured in the movies “Tank Girl” and “National Lampoons Senior Trip” which helped expose them to millions of people worldwide.  By 2004 however, Face to Face decided to call it quits.  From that point on it seemed as if fans were left to settle with their memories of the band.  The members had all gone on to partake in separate projects.  In 2008 that all drastically changed as Face to Face reunited performing a select amount of U.S. and international shows.  The band slowly began to gather momentum performing more and more shows including the entire 2010 Warped Tour.  Veteran Face to Face fans came crawling out of the woodwork for the shows.  In 2011 Face to Face released “Laugh Now, Laugh Later” which was their first album in 9 years.


With zero signs of slowing down Face to Face recently released “Three Chords and a Half Truth” on Rise Records.  The album is clearly reminiscent of earlier Face to Face material, yet it also shows a coming of age for the band.  It has been almost twenty years since the band released “Big Choice” which included the remixed version of “Disconnected” and provided them a large amount of success on a worldwide level.  With “Three Chords and a Half Truth” the tone is a bit more relaxed than what veteran Face to Face fans may be used to.  Then again many of those fans from the 90’s have also aged twenty or so years along with the band since then.  The added age now may have quite possibly left their musical tastes striving for something a bit more relaxed and melodic than in their earlier years.  Those are the fans who will truly appreciate Face to Face’s latest effort as it showcases the band’s talent for catchy and melodic tunes, yet it also signifies the group at a much more mature level.


If anything Face to Face has been helping bring some of the older punk rock veterans back out onto the music scene.  With a plethora of show dates lined up throughout multiple tours, Face to Face are sharing their passion across the country while bringing out both old and new school punk rockers together.  The younger generation may just now be discovering Face to Face for the first time.  Songs that have influenced people for decades are once again being rediscovered by the younger generation’s curiosity as Face to Face has deeply rooted themselves back within the punk rock music scene.  All though their will be stubborn original fans that may disagree with what Face to Face has come to be these days, many of their original fans will be ecstatic with what “Three Chords and a Half Truth” has to offer.  With a large and continually growing discography accompanied by a solid fan base, Face to Face show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


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Words By: Michael Gonzales and Terri Vines