Swedish Progressive Death Metallers HUMANITY’S LAST BREATH Release Devastatingly Heavy New Self-Titled Album via Rogue Records America


Rogue Records America is proud to announce the release of the highly-anticipated self-titled full-length release from Sweden’s HUMANITY’S LAST BREATH— a commanding, hard-hitting, rhythm-soaked punch to the gut. For fans of Meshuggah, Vildhjarta and progressive death metal searching for another amazingly brutal band to latch on to, HUMANITY’S LAST BREATH is your band.


This album marks the first release from the band is OUT NOW in both Physical CD (Limited Edition DIGIPAK) format and Digital Download format (digital format comes with the entire album in instrumental version, as well). This new album includes the band’s wildly-popular single, ‘Animal’. Listen here: http://youtu.be/NEY1jZK-uBY


Buy your copy now at http://roguerecordsamerica.bandcamp.com/album/humanitys-last-breath.


Bludgeoning your speakers with 13 tracks that grind any brains you have left into a pulp, HUMANITY’S LAST BREATH once again sets the bar in the death metal genre with this self-titled offering, showing the progression of not only the band but the limits of what one can do with metal itself. Chugging riffs, thunderous drums, pounding bass and banshee like vocals take the listener through a more groove-oriented sound than the band’s last release.


HUMANITY’S LAST BREATH was formed in 2009 by drummer Buster Odeholm and guitarist Kristoffer Nilsson. They have released two previous EP’s, Reanimated by Hate (2009) and Structures Collapse (2011).



Marcus Hultqvist – Vocals

Kristoffer Nilsson – Guitar

Stefan Bengtsson – Bass Guitar

Buster Odeholm – Drums


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