SHOW REVIEW: Chimaira | AHITW | Steger, IL

The Cleveland, Ohio heavy metal veterans Chimaira descended upon Another Hole In The Wall in Steger, Illinois this past Tuesday.  It was indeed a special performance for those in attendance as the venue was surprisingly not jam packed to the walls.  There were plenty of patrons however that got to enjoy a fantastic performance by Chimaira.  The crowd went absolutely nuts as Chimaira came onstage with mosh pits immediately forming.  It was a controlled rowdiness as there seemed to be no drama amongst any concert goers this evening.


Chimaira came out full force wasting little time from the moment they took the stage.  Despite the numerous lineup changes that the band has endured in recent years, their music and performance was spot on.  Blood curdling screams beckoned through the crunch of ruthless guitar and bass rhythms all the while keyboardist Sean Zatorsky supplied some of the loudest bass drops that this venue has ever endured.  The entire structure rattled like never before as the bass pounded and Chimaira jammed out classic hits along with a solid mix of new material off their latest release “Crown of Phantoms” that was released late this past July on Eone music.


By the end of the night everyone seemingly left the venue ecstatic with the performance.  Chimaira came out and put on a no nonsense, straight forward, in your face set of heavy metal.  With such a spot on and intense live performance this Chimaira lineup is proving to be the greatest yet.  Chimaira will be headed to Mexico and South America to perform this winter staying warm and getting in touch with their Latin American fan base.  Be sure to follow the links below to keep up with Chimaira’s latest news, tour info, and more.
Photo and Words By: Michael and Terri Gonzales