ALBUM REVIEW: A Day To Remember | Common Courtesy

A_Day_to_Remember,_Common_Courtesy_2013_albumOn October 8th A Day To Remember released their 5th album titled, “Common Courtesy”. “Common Courtesy” has 13 tracks of well perfected music. As soon as the first song kicks in you can hear the sounds of their pop punk roots. However don’t let that turn you away just yet because there is just as many hardcore tracks such as Violence (Enough Is Enough), Life Lessons Learned The Hard Way, and The Document Speaks For Itself. As well as a few tracks which blend the genres; with such a well rounded album it is sure to do well and top the charts. Vocalist Jeremy McKinnon also stated in an interview that the response for Violence (Enough Is Enough),  “Was one of the best responses we’ve ever had coming out of the gate.”


A Day To Remember just won their lawsuit against Victory Records to release this album. They however, are still contractually obligated to owe Victory Records at least two more albums. A Day To Remember is currently on “The House Party Tour” with Pierce The Veil and All Time Low. Pick up “Common Courtesy” as it will not disappoint. Be sure to follow the band to stay up to date.