LIKE MONROE Releases New Single and Lyric Video for ‘The Enemy’


Hailing from Houston, Texas, LIKE MONROE aspires to a sound unlike any specific band or genre in the scene. Today, the band is launching a brand new single ‘The Enemy’, available via their merch store here with purchase of a t-shirt: A lyric video for ‘The Enemy’ is also available for viewing today via the band’s YouTube page:


With a fresh new attitude and a drive to make great music for their audience, LIKE MONORE delivers an intense filled live show. One wouldn’t predict the power in such young artists— although averaging around the age of 20, LIKE MONROE is no amateur act.


Listeners will see meaning in the passionate lyric and alternatively aggressive blend to your metal outlook. Making music well beyond their years and making it from the heart, these five southern boys have burned a hole in their scene.


Pure adrenaline resonates from every live show while their lyrics speak of deeper topics, culminating in an emotional whirlwind. “Every song for us has been about growth. We feel that we are writing our most thought provoking, yet inspiring music we have ever produced and we couldn’t be more proud”, asserts lead singer Ty Johnson.


“Ultimately, there’s an important message at the heart of this music,” says bassist Alex Lofton.


The music and the message are both delivered with impact and experience, “this is a band full of people who have fought for everything they have and a band of people who are encouraging other people to do the same,” explains the bands guitarist and singer, Wade Concienne.


Having grown artistically, LIKE MONORE realizes that all roads lead to NOW. With the force of new music and growing legion of followers behind them, the band sets their sights on the pollination of their infectious, riotous anthems across the US.


Expect this journey to leave a trail of friends, fans and virtual onlookers who can attest to the sincerity of their reverie as well as the generosity of their dedication to living life, NOW.



Ty Johnson – Vocals

Wade Concienne – Guitar/Vocals

Alex Lofton – Bass

Jacob Cardinal – Drums

Chris Deckard – Guitar