ALBUM REVIEW: Punk Goes Pop Volume 6 | Fearless Records

PGPV6Written By:  Michael and Terri Gonzales

Fearless Records released the latest installment in their notorious Punk Goes series this past Monday, November 17, with Punk Goes Pop Volume 6. The anticipation is always through the roof with fans worldwide of the Punk Goes series as teaser clips of tracks are slowly released and shared by the bands in the weeks leading up to the release. It has been nearly 14 years since Punk Goes Pop Volume 1 was originally released and it all began with Punk Goes Metal just prior to that back in 2000. Throughout the following years Fearless Records have infused the Punk Goes series into a wide variety of genres and eras such as pop, rap, classic rock, 80’s, 90’s, Christmas, and more. The musical compilations have acquired a devout group of followers spanning many different genres that eagerly await the release of the next Punk Goes album. The mixture of both artists performing and artists being covered has always been unique and diverse giving the albums a wide variety of sounds across the board.


Pop Goes Punk Volume 6 easily lives up to and exceeds all of the expectations its predecessors have laid forth. Staying true to tradition Fearless Records yet again managed to pull off another excellent roster of artists to contribute to the album. The lineup consists of: Tyler Carter featuring Luke Holland, August Burns Red, We Came As Romans, Upon A Burning Body featuring Ice-T, Set It Off, Crown The Empire, Oceans Ate Alaska, Youth In Revolt, Volumes, Knuckle Puck, Slaves, State Champs, and Palisades. The songs being covered span a wide mix of modern pop hits including: Paramore’s Ain’t It Fun“, Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball“, Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble“, DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s Turn Down For What“, Ariana Grande featuring Iggy Azalea’s Problem“, Ellie Goulding’s Burn“, Beyonce featuring Jay Z’s Drunk In Love“, Lorde’s Royals“, Drake featuring Majid Jordan’s Hold On, We’re Going Home“, The 1975’s Chocolate“, The Neighbourhood’s Sweater Weather“, Zedd featuring Hayley Williams’ Stay The Night“, and Pharell Williams’ Happy“. Needless to say the lineup is stellar on both ends and the album fully delivers an eclectic mix that will be cherished for many generations to come.


With the Punk Goes series having grown into the entity it has become, the pressure is definitely on for any artists involved to deliver something original and amazing. Punk Goes Pop Volume 6 contains some of the most finely crafted and on point cover songs that have been released to this day. It is evident from the moment the album begins all the way through until the final note that the craftsmanship that went into writing and recording each track was on another level with this album. From We Came As Romans clean vocalist Kyle Pavone’s spot on high pitched Taylor Swift styled vocals to Upon A Burning Body and Ice-T’s pounding rhymes Punk Goes Pop Volume 6 has a little bit of everything.


Some of the standouts on Pop Goes Punk Volume 6 without a doubt are We Came As Romans covering Taylor Swift which is a great rendition with nearly identical vocals at times yet all paced to the band’s musical stylings. August Burns Red manage to turn Miley CyrusWrecking Ball” into a pounding anthem that is hard and heavy from start to finish. Upon A Burning Body and Ice-T give Dj Snake and Lil Jon’s Turn Down For What” their signature heavy twist and vocals that hit so hard even Lil Jon himself would be proud of it. Oceans Ate Alaska bring thrash and harmony to Beyonce and Jay Z’sDrunk In Love” that blend together beautifully. Youth In Revolt handled Lorde’s Royals” amazingly with a perfect cover true to the original that included a brief moment of frenzy for a few seconds towards the end as the guys let loose for a moment and then straight back to original form.


In the end all of the artists on Punk Goes Pop Volume 6 did an amazing job with their songs. The amount of heart and soul that was put into each track is evident as the album plays through. Once again Fearless Records has done an excellent job at bridging the gap between musical genres and producing one of the finest music compilations around. Punk Goes Pop Volume 6 is well worth the small investment to own some incredible cover songs that will grow to be truly timeless as every album in the Punk Goes collection has done. After 14 years of releasing these compilations Fearless Records continue to do an amazing job of orchestrating some of the most amazing cover songs that have ever been released. Be sure to pick up a copy of Punk Goes Pop Volume 6 on Fearless Records as it will not disappoint. Also sign up for Fearless Records’ mailing list to stay up to date with their latest news, album releases, and more.