OPEN YOUR EYES Working with Brandon Saller (Atreyu) on Upcoming Album ‘Truth or Consequence’

OPEN YOUR EYES Working with Brandon Saller (Atreyu) on Upcoming Album ‘Truth or Consequence’; LP Is Band’s First with New Drummer Sandra Alva (Ex. Black Veil Brides); First Single “Stay Alive” (Feat. Craig Mabbitt of Escape The Fate) Now St


Chicago rockers Open Your Eyes have finished recording their upcoming album, Truth or Consequence, with producer Brandon Saller of Atreyu.

The LP, due out this spring, is the band’s first release since the addition of drummer Sandra Alva (former Black Veil Brides, Modern Day Escape).

Check out the video for the first single, “Stay Alive” featuring guest vocals from Craig Mabbitt of Escape The Fate here. The single is also available for purchase on iTunes.

About Open Your Eyes (OYE):

Open Your Eyes is a 4 piece rock band from Chicago. The band aims to change lives and spread awareness. Working on their latest record with producer Brandon Saller of Atreyu and Craig Mabbitt of Escape the Fate, the group shows promise and success with such little resources and strives toward a better message and an inspired tomorrow.

The work you put into a band can often outweigh the benefits and rewards of the work itself but when all else fails there are always the few strong bands that pull through and end staying the course. Such is true of Chicago’s rock quartet Open Your Eyes . The band continues to meet that standard and raise the bar. The group is comprised of singer and guitarist Justin King, bass player Comron Fouladi, Drummer Sandra Alva, and guitarist Ryan Steinberg. With the release of one EP, coast to coast tours, sold out hometown crowds, and a work ethic like no other, Open Your Eyes continues to show their unmatched level of commitment and poise within this dog eat dog music business.

“In 2012 we stayed on the road for a total of 310 out of 365 days driving from town to town and playing for anyone who would listen to us along with following national tours and selling our CDs in lines of bands such as Escape the Fate, Falling in Reverse, Blessthefall, and many more.” states bassist Comron. “We lived off Taco Bell and sleeping in a car for a year to promote this band.”

Returning to the midwest after this grueling schedule and the release of their first EP entitled Open Your Eyes To Society , the band soon began rehearsals and recording sessions for their upcoming LP.

The group is planning it’s biggest statement to date with the release of Truth or Consequence . It promises to be the strongest piece of music the band has ever written. Having Brandon Saller of popular metal band Atreyu produce the tracks was the finishing touch the record needed. Open Your Eyes will continue to tour constantly in support of the new album and build upon the strong foundation they have already built with music consisting of a better message and an inspired tomorrow.