SHOW REVIEW: Pierce The Veil & Sleeping With Sirens | The World Tour | Aragon Ballroom | Chicago, IL

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Photo Credit: Michael and Terri Gonzales

Written By: Michael and Terri Gonzales 

Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens took over Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom this past Friday, February 6 as part of the second stretch of “The World Tour”. Needless to say Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With SirensThe World Tour” has been one of the most anticipated tours of 2015 thus far. Tickets had been sold out for weeks in advance, and resale tickets were being listed online for $200 and up during the weeks leading up to the show. For the countless fans that could not be in attendance there was another option. Yahoo! Live was on hand to live stream Pierce The Veil’s entire set for free online. This was certainly an awesome perk for the countless number of fans around the world to be able to catch the performance for free from the comfort of their own home.


With the stellar lineup of dual headliners Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens alongside Pvris and Mallory Knox for the opening acts, the tour possessed one of the best lineups fans could ask for. This was without a doubt going to be a massive turnout of fans. It became clearly evident as traffic was basically shut down within a half mile radius of the venue, available parking was nonexistent, and a seemingly endless line of frozen patrons wrapped around the venue hours in advance eagerly waiting for doors to open.


Once the doors opened mobs of fans poured inside seeking relief from the brutal Chicago winter while also scrambling to get as close as they could to the front of the stage. Despite hundreds of concert goers still being stuck in the gridlock on the streets, and searching for parking, the show must go on. Pvris kicked off the night’s festivities for the couple thousand fans that had made it inside and were anxiously waiting. Once they were done England’s Mallory Knox came onstage to a warm welcome during their first ever U.S. tour. Both of the opening acts did a great job of setting the tone for the evening and getting the crowd warmed up. Their music was well received and unanimously enjoyed, but nonetheless it was the evening’s next two performances that had everyone on edge and eager with excitement.


Sleep With Sirens were due on stage next, and as their banner began to lower the crowd’s screams resonated throughout the venue at deafening levels. Once the lights went dark two large video screens on stage began to play Sleeping With Sirens custom intro video for “The World Tour” that was a hilarious parody of early 90’s kid’s superhero television show intros. The entire venue was laughing hysterically as Sleeping With Sirens charged onto the stage and wasted no time before jumping into their latest, and quite heavy, single “Kick Me” which sent the crowd into a screaming frenzy.


Lead vocalist Kellin Quinn’s high range vocals echoed throughout the building as Sleeping With Sirens performed a variety of their fan favorites both new and old. They slowed things down a bit and went acoustic for a couple of songs performing their critically acclaimed hit “Roger Rabbit” which then led directly into a Goo Goo Dolls cover of “Iris” that most likely left plenty of teenage girls with tears rolling down their faces. Sleeping With Sirens teased a couple more tracks off of their upcoming album, “Madness”, which is due to release on March 17 on Epitaph Records. Sleeping With Sirens closed out their set with the fan favorites “If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn” and ”If You Can’t Hang” that drove fans absolutely wild as they screamed along word for word.


The excitement levels inside the venue were beginning to go through the roof as fans were going wild awaiting Pierce The Veil to take the stage. Anyone that has even seen Pierce The Veil’s live show before knows that they put on of the most dialed performances around. Even back in early 2008 during one of their earlier ventures out to Chicago supporting Cinematic Sunrise on tour at a small coffee shop show on a stage 6 inches off the ground, Pierce The Veil were 110% raw energy with their performance. In the many years since then they have grown immensely and experienced a wealth of success that is greatly deserved and did not come easily. Like a fine wine that only gets better with age, Pierce The Veil’s live performance has reached an unprecedented level that no one in the industry can rival.


Once a massive white curtain with a black siren figure on it dropped in front of the stage the entire venue went absolutely insane as the screams reached deafening levels. Within a matter of minutes the intro track, “May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep Tonight” from Pierce The Veil’s last album ”Collide With The Sky” began to pour through the speakers. Pierce The Veil made their way on stage while the massive white curtain was still draped in front of it. Intentional backlighting provided massive silhouettes of each member from the stage on the white curtain as the thunderous roar of the crowd grew louder and louder.


Then in the blink of an eye the curtain dropped and Pierce The Veil stormed directly into “Hell Above” sending the crowd into complete and utter chaos. Less than a minute into the song and multiple confetti cannons showered every inch of the venue with confetti. The massive confetti shower combined with the state of the art light show and smoke machines created one of the most surreal looking stage shows around. Pierce The Veil possess a dynamic stage presence and energy that cannot be replicated. They have a manner of interacting with their fans throughout their entire performance that captivates the entire crowd at every venue they perform at. This performance was no exception as these guys give it their all and hold nothing back every time they perform.


Pierce The Veil performed a variety of their hits both new and old with a few bonuses thrown in. While performing “Hold On Till MayPvris lead vocalist Lynn Gunn joined front man Vic Fuentes on stage to fill in the female vocals on the song that was originally recorded by Lindsey Stamey of Oh No Fiasco. Shortly after that song lead vocalist Vic Fuentes decided to slow things down a bit with an intimate acoustic performance of “I’m Low On Gas and You Need a Jacket” that seemingly melted the hearts of every teenage girl in attendance. As a bonus before heading into the final chorus, Fuentes stopped and asked the crowd for their assistance in screaming as loud as possible for him while he froze in front of the microphone like a statue in the performing position. The decibel levels reached their highest point of the night as everyone in the venue screamed as if there was no tomorrow leaving Fuentes ecstatic with the crowd’s response as they sung the final chorus in unison with him.


To cap off their incredible performance, Pierce The Veil came out for an encore and were joined by their good friend, and Sleeping With Sirens front man, Kellin Quinn to perform their hit collaborative song “King For A Day”. The entire venue went absolutely insane as Fuentes’ and Quinn’s screams echoed throughout the building, lead guitarist Tony Perry shredded away on guitar, bassist Jaime Preciado flung himself wildly about the stage in a fury, and drummer Mike Fuentes held down the beat with his thunderous rhythms. Once again the confetti cannons kicked on and showered everyone with confetti while also making the stage look as though the performance was taking place within a giant snow globe.


In the end Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens The World Tour” lived up to and exceeded everyone in attendance expectations. Pvris and Mallory Knox did a fantastic job of warming up the crowd and setting the pace for the evening. Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil put on one of a kind performances leaving the crowd beyond stoked by the end of the night. When it was all said and done there was not a single negative thing that could be said about the concert. All of the bands put on an incredible show and left thousands of fans with memories that are sure to last a lifetime.


Be sure to follow up with each of the bands online as they all put out some great music. Pvris are currently promoting their major label debut “White Noise” on Rise Records that released late last November. Mallory Knox are promoting their second studio album “Asymmetry” on Search and Destory/Epic Records that came out last October. Sleeping With Sirens are set to release their highly anticipated fourth studio album “Madness” on March 17 through their new label Epitaph Records. This will be their first album after recently departing Rise Records within the past year and fans are excited to see what they have come up with. Pierce The Veil are also slated to release their fourth studio album sometime this year through Fearless Records. No date or title has been currently given, but the band has been very open during interviews in recent months that the album will be coming out sometime this year and should blow fans away. Needless to say all four of these bands have plenty going on and show no signs of slowing down. The next time any of these acts come to town be sure to grab tickets right away as they sell out almost instantaneously these days and are seemingly worth their weight in gold. Needless to say their performances will not disappoint.


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