Meek Is Murder stream new song “Downward”



Meek Is Murder (featuring guitarist/vocalist Mike Keller, formerly of the Red Chord) are streaming their new song “Downward.” The song is off their new double EP, Onward/Into The Sun, due out May 5th via Rising Pulse Records. Check it out below and let us know what you think of it!

Onward EP:
1) Foreword
2) Inward
3) Upward
4) Outward
5) Downward
6) Onward Toward a Red Horizon
Into the Sun Where It Falls Off the Sky EP:
1) Private William Hudson (Dead Meat)
2) Ellen Ripley (Into the Sun)
3) Doctor Emmett Brown (Endless in our Fleeting)
4) Marty McFly (88 mph)
5) Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Out of Gas)