SHOW REVIEW: Deftones and Incubus | Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre | Tinley Park, IL

Photo Credit: Michael and Terri Gonzales

Written By: Michael and Terri Gonzales

California natives Deftones and Incubus have embarked on one of the summer’s largest and most highly anticipated tours. This tour brings together two of the biggest and most influential bands in the heavy metal and alternative genres over the past twenty years bringing together southern California groove rockers Incubus along with the northern California heavy hitters Deftones. The tour recently made its way to the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Tinley Park, Illinois on July 23 drawing a massive crowd. Along for touring support were a dynamic duo of two up and coming acts to keep an eye on, The Bots and Death From Above 1979. Amongst the immense crowd it was great to see a lot of older fans in attendance bringing their younger children to the show inspiring a whole new generation of fans. There was a wide variety of patrons jam packed in the venue and ready to go wild for Deftones and Incubus.


Deftones kicked things off hard and heavy from the get go opening with “Needles and Pins” sending the crowd into mass chaos. Bassist Sergio Vega was left with big shoes to fill in place of the late Chi Cheng, and did an excellent job with some intense screams on the backup vocals accompanied with heavy bass beats. The Deftones then went into “Bloody Cape” next and lead vocalist Chino Moreno was a screaming and thrashing frenzy about the stage ending the song with an intense slamming of the microphone. Moreno looked just as active on stage as he did nearly twenty years ago. Guitarist Stephen Carpenter headbanged away jamming out a heavy mix of Deftones hits seemingly off in his own world loving every moment of it. Drummer Abe Cunningham cranked out his signature styled rhythms holding down the beat in a manner that only he can.


Overall the Deftones looked and sounded great like the seasoned veterans that they are. Their unique blend of heavy thrash combined with ethereal and sonic sounding breakdowns enthralled the immense crowd. The Deftones played a wide variety of fan favorites performing seventeen songs in the end. The fans went wild for each and every track as the Deftones put on an incredible performance keeping the entire place banging their heads and screaming along together to classics new and old.

Closing out the evening was Incubus who took over the stage with an intense display of light and sound leading a countdown for their intro. Fans went wild as Incubus started off with the fan favorite “Nice to Know You” as countless patrons sang along in unison. Frontman Brandon Boyd’s vocals pierced throughout the amphiteatre. Bassist Ben Kenney held down the grooves and backup vocals with his charismatic funk that fans love and expect. Meanwhile guitarist Mike Einziger dished out his technical wizard mastery on the guitar cranking out some of Incubus‘ most notorious hits.


Incubus played an intense set with a mix of old and new fan favorites. Their light show was top notch and left the band to look as if they had been transported into a psychedelic outer space realm of sorts all while staying in sync with their performance. Incubus performed an eclectic mix containing some of their slower groove and funk based anthems combined with some of their heaviest tracks as well. Their performance was spot on and showcased their wide range of musical talents.


In the end both Deftones and Incubus fans got more than they could have bargained for with two incredible headlining performances that lasted both well over an hour each, and also two great opening acts as well. The Bots, Death From Above 1979, Deftones, and Incubus all put on intense and one of a kind performances. This tour was one of the most highly anticipated tours of the summer, and certainly with good reason as Deftones and Incubus have shown once again that after easily twenty years of cranking out hits they still are not slowing down anytime soon. Be sure to catch the Deftones and Incubus tour for a one of a kind dual headlining show from two of heavy metal and alternatives greatest bands as the tour continues its way across the country as it will truly be a night of incredible performances to remember.