SHOW REVIEW: Silverstein and Senses Fail | House of Blues | Chicago, IL

Photo Credit: Michael and Terri Gonzales - © Xeonlive Photography
Photo Credit: Michael and Terri Gonzales


Written By:  Michael and Terri Gonzales

Canadian post-hardcore heavy hitters Silverstein recently brought their fantastic live performance to the House of Blues in Chicago, Illinois on November 20. The event was a co-headlining tour with New Jersey’s Senses Fail alongside up and comers Hundredth and Capsize as the opening acts. It was a cold and brisk Friday evening as patrons began to line up around the building. The House of Blues was jam packed from the moment doors opened as eager fans piled into the venue. With such a stellar lineup of bands performing together it was easy to see why there was such a large and diverse crowd from early on. Needless to say, it did not take long before the night’s festivities kicked off and the audience started to get wild.


Southern California’s Capsize started things off with a lively and high paced set. Lead vocalist Daniel Wand flung himself into the crowd for the band’s final song to many fans delight as he spent the duration of it on top of the crowd, microphone in hand throughout, and seemingly never missed a word. Sadly it was later learned in the evening that Capsize had their trailer broken into and all of their gear stolen just a few nights prior on the very first night of the tour. Hopefully they were able to receive a few extra merch sales or donations once the news had been shared.


Next up were South Carlolina’s Hundredth as the stage washed with red lights and a massive cloud of fog. Hundredth came out and jumped right into getting things going. The band was barely halfway through their first song before vocalist Chadwick Johnson leaped down into the photo pit and onto the security risers sharing the microphone with the crowd and screaming away himself. Fans went wild as Johnson spent the majority of the set leaning out into the crowd across the railing continually. He even ran throughout the crowd while singing their last song leaving many lucky Hundredth fans ecstatic over the encounter.


The night’s dual headliners were set to begin as Senses Fail kicked off first with their upbeat punk and hardcore anthems. Frontman James Buddy Nielsen was jumping, kicking, and even rolling around the stage from early on as the rest of Senses Fail jammed away. Fans went wild as the band played a variety of hits old and new as the crowd sang along word for word. Senses Fail played for a solid hour wrapping things up with their classic hit “Bite to Break Skin”.


Closing out the night of dual headlining was Canada’s post-hardcore veterans Silverstein. They wasted little time before jumping into one of their newest singles “A Midwestern State of Emergency” with the crowd going wild and opening the largest circle pit of the night. Silverstein have always put on an incredible live performance and tonight was no exception as they performed in unison like a finely tuned machine. Lead vocalist Shane Told’s blood curdling screams and harmonic clean vocals bellowed throughout venue beautifully. Rhythm guitarist Josh Bradford embodies the soul of someone who truly loves every second of performing as he is nonstop smiling from the moment he steps foot on stage until he leaves.


Silverstein performed a good handful of songs from their newest album “I Am Alive in Everything I Touch” that helped to showcase what an excellent job lead guitarist Paul Marc Rousseau’s has done since taking over on lead guitar duties just a few years ago. Bassist and backing vocalist Billy Hamilton let loose some ferocious screams while holding down the rhythm alongside drummer Paul Koehler’s thunderous beats. Fans received a special treat as Silverstein dug deep into their catalog performing “The Weak and the Wounded” and “Giving Up” both off their debut album and had not been performed live in many years along with their number one song on Spotify the One Republic cover “Apologize. Silverstein capped the night off with their fan favorite “My Heroine” as countless patrons sang along word for word louder than they had on any other song all night long.


Silverstein rocked out for a solid hour as they closed out the venue for the evening. They put on an intense and awe-inspiring live set in the manner that only Silverstein can. Senses Fail, Hundredth, and Capsize all put on great performances leaving their fans beyond enthralled and ecstatic. Despite the bad news of Capsize having all of their gear recently stolen, they were still able to carry on the tour with the help of the rest of the bands beautifully showcasing the camaraderie amongst the bands on the tour. In the end it was a great night of hard, heavy, and melodic music and every patron left the venue beyond stoked with the concert they had just attended. Everyone in attendance was then also treated to the beginnings of an early season Chicago snowstorm that had just begun prior to the show’s ending. Be sure to follow the links below to keep up to date with latest news, tour info, and more from Silverstein, Senses Fail, Hundredth, and Capsize.


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