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The Gunz Show
Interview With Kevin Lyman
Exclusive Warped Tour Preview
May 12, 2016 – Mike Gunz, host of The Gunz Show, recently sat down with Vans Warped Tour founder, Kevin Lyman, for an exclusive preview. During the interview Kevin Lyman gives fans a sneak peak for what to expect from this year’s shows, including a more inclusive line-up, and shares some fun Blink 182 stories from Warped 1997. During the in-depth discussion, Lyman also addressed criticisms from last year’s Warped Tour and how the team is working to solve these issues. Don’t miss this exclusive interview only on idobi Radio! Tune in here: http://idobi.com/audio/the-gunz-show-interview-w-kevin-lyman/


On Warped Tour 2016, Lyman shares: “It’s back to kind of the basics. A good balance… Elder statesmen of the era – the Sum 41’s, the Yellowcard’s, New Found’s, Good Charlotte’s, and the new bands – the Issues’, the Sleeping with Sirens’… We are going to have 6 stages that kind of look like main stages. And you will also have a label stage that will hopefully show some future headliners!”
He also spoke candidly about working to solve problems from last year’s Tour, adding: “We addressed some of the things that weren’t even part of the Tour last year, but are part of the scene. That’s why I’m working with some of these organizations like Voice for the Innocent.  I said I was going to design a course for artists to take… But I also think it comes down to the artist… We used to have the artists out there that kind of mentored the younger artists… bringing some of the older artists back, it’s kind of a mentoring thing and I am looking forward to it.”

Don’t miss the full interview only with idobi Radio, here: http://idobi.com/audio/the-gunz-show-interview-w-kevin-lyman/


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