SHOW REVIEW: Pierce The Veil | The Misadventures Tour | House of Blues | Chicago, IL

Photo Credit: Michael and Terri Gonzales

Written by:  Michael and Terri Gonzales

The world renowned southern California post hardcore quartet Pierce The Veil made their triumphant return to Chicago this past Friday embarking on their Misadventures Tour. The first leg of The Misadventures Tour is a special one as Pierce The Veil is performing their recently released fourth album “Misadventures” from start to finish. Pierce The Veil also chose to bring along up and comers Movements and I the Mighty as their touring support. The venues on this tour were specifically chosen to be small and intimate to make the concerts all once in a lifetime experiences for the fans. The House of Blues Chicago provided just that backdrop as Pierce The Veil had sold out the entire show within the first day of tickets originally going on sale.


Throngs of fans lined up stretching down Dearborn Street, across the Chicago River, and then east on Wacker Drive easily another city block. Needless to say it was a massive turnout from very early on, and the line only continued to grow in size as it got closer to the doors opening. Pierce The Veil just recently dropped “Misadventures” a month ago after spending a good amount of time working on the album in between a multitude of tours, and based just off the sheer amount of people lined up it was obvious that the fans were loving every second of the new album. Once the doors opened the House of Blues filled up in a matter of minutes with Pierce The Veil fans packing in every inch of available floor space and flooding into the merch area as well.


The night’s festivities were kicked off by newcomers Movements who brought a refreshing and nostalgic sound into the tour. Movements had an intense and engaging sound with lead vocalist Patrick Miranda’s intense screams accompanied by the unique instrumentals provided by the rest of the band. Movements have a sound that is highly reminiscent of early Cursive and Desaparecidos albums, but with their own modern influences applied as well. Movements opening set started the night off smoothly. They released their debut EP “Outgrown Things” via Fearless Records this past spring, and have been turning heads ever since then.


Next up were the San Francisco natives I the Mighty who provided their own diverse sound as well. I the Mighty have an interesting blend of ambient electronic rhythms infused with upbeat rock that the crowd was heavily into. Lead vocalist Brent Walsh got the crowd in a frenzy as he jumped down into the barricade and sang while leaning out into the crowd midway through their set. I the Mighty put on a well rounded performance from fast and upbeat to slow and sonic along with a little bit of everything in between. Their latest release “Connector” is available nationwide via Equal Vision Records and certainly worth giving a listen to for some musical variety.


Last but not least was the whole reason this tour even exists, Pierce The Veil. The venue erupted into deafening screams the moment the stage props were even revealed which were oversized cutouts of the “Misadventures” album artwork. This was a one of a kind tour with “Misadventures” being performed in its entirety from start to finish. The fans have waited a long time for this album and the sold out crowd in attendance for the tour was a sure sign that the album is a hit. For a lot of bands these days it would almost seem like career suicide to take four years to put out a new album, yet it seems to have been the exact opposite for Pierce The Veil. They have amassed a cult like legion of followers these days that is continually growing by the minute. Their recent release of “Misadventures” has only skyrocketed their popularity even higher, and it was clearly evident tonight as 95% of the crowd were wearing Pierce The Veil clothing while jam packed to capacity anxiously awaiting their favorite band to grace the stage.


As soon as the lights went dark ear shattering screams filled every inch of the venue as one by one each member of Pierce The Veil came onstage. Once the opening notes for “Dive In” were played the entire building shook as seemingly everyone in attendance surged towards the front of the stage. Pierce The Veil were merely dark silhouettes with some backlighting for the intro of “Dive In” until the song picks up a minute in and a frenzy was unleashed upon the stage as multiple confetti cannons showered the crowd. Just a minute into their performance and it was obvious Pierce The Veil were back at it again with their nonstop stage action and excitement. Pierce The Veil have always put on an incredible live performance since their early days and this tour was no exception as the seasoned veterans put on a show like no other.


Frontman Vic Fuentes‘ soaring vocals and mesmerizing screams entranced the crowd while bassist Jaime Preciado was a flailing frenzy across every inch of the stage. Lead guitarist Tony Perry was treated to a “Tony, Tony” chant by the crowd as this was his triumphant return to Chicago. Pierce The Veil were in town this past summer on the Van’s Warped Tour, but sadly Perry was injured at the time and unable to partake in the tour. Last but not least was Vic’s younger brother Mike Fuentes holding down the beats on the drums while seemingly having the time of his life on the drum kit heavily interacting with and entertaining the crowd. Pierce The Veil possess a dynamic energy on stage that cannot be faked or replicated and it is obvious each and every time they take the stage.


Pierce The Veil flawlessly cranked through their entire “Misadventures” album from start to finish while putting on an amazing show in the process. Fans were also treated to an extra special version of “Today I Saw The Whole World” that began as an acoustic with lead vocalist Vic Fuentes performing the first half of the song solo until the lights blacked out entirely, there was then some eerie nighttime sound effects playing through the speakers, soon afterward multiple pairs of ominous glowing red eyes were present on the stage, and then Pierce The Veil was together on stage to close out the song properly while the crowd went insane. Once the “Misadventures” album had been performed completely the fans were not willing to let go without a few more songs. For their encore Pierce The Veil performed two of their biggest hits “Bulls In The Bronx” and “King For A Day” closing out another fantastic performance.


The Misadventures Tour was a hit as seemingly every fan left the venue feeling ecstatic. Pierce The Veil, I the Mighty, and Movements all put on solid performances. Pierce The Veil once again raised the bar for the incredible live performances they have become known for. Time and time again they continue to put on a one of kind show that they have refined like a finely tuned machine. The Misadventures Tour is surely one not to be missed as there will never be another one like it. There are a limited amount of stops left on this small tour and the majority of the dates are already sold out, so be sure to try and find tickets if possible. Be sure to check out Pierce The Veil, I the Mighty, and Movements on social media to stay up-to-date with their latest news, tour info, and more.


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