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What’s Coming Up With
idobi Radio
idobi Warped Radio, APMAs, Set It Off,

I Prevail, ROAM and many more


July 20th, 2016 idobi Radio is rolling through July with more great features and even more amazing artists! Check out the below to see what idobi has been up to and what they have coming up in the next few weeks!

Rock The Walls will sit down with Architects and I Prevail.
The Gunz Show appeared at Warped Tour in Holmdel, NJ and at the 2016 APMAs.


Gone Fishkin will be co-hosted by producer/engineer Kyle Black as well as promoter/artist manager Mike Ziemer and will sit down with Relic Hearts.


Eddie Jason & Chris will feature Mirror Eyes, Crobot, and Stephanie Osborn author of “The Interstellar Woman of Mystery”.




The Gunz Show: I See Stars, Beartooth, Against the Current, Avion Roe, and With Confidence


Rock The Walls: Sleeping With Sirens, Whitechapel, Every Time I Die, I See Stars, and Crown The Empire


Eddie Jason & Chris: Comedian Joe Gray and Justin Habersaat, Daniel Patronilo, and 888


Gone Fishkin:Lost In Society, Rivers Monroe, Crash The Party, Cheerleader, Steal Away, and Farewell My Love


Metalix: Hellborus and Final Blow


Man of the Hour: Kicked off their 20th season!


To tune in, check out exclusives and to find out when each show streams, head to www.idobi.com


Users can now stream past episodes of Gone Fishkin’, The Gunz Show, Man of the Hour, Eddie Jason & Chris, Rock The Wall, and Metalix! Check them out below –





All shows can now be found on-demand at idobi.com/podcastnetwork and on iTunes.


Keep updated with idobi Radio and all of their shows by visiting http://idobi.com/ and on social media:



idobi Warped Radio airs Mondays @ 4pm EST! Check out what idobi Warped Radio has been up to over the last few weeks below –


Listen to the first of many idobi Warped Radio podcasts with ROAM and Set it off, here: http://idobi.com/podcast/001-roam-set-it-off/


Crown The Empire and Sum41 both took over idobi Warped Radio in the last two weeks!


Gone Fishkin sat down with Ghost Town and I See Stars made an appearance on The Gunz Show to chat about everything Warped Tour.