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Release New Music Video For
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September 26, 2016Japanese rock band coldrain have released their new music video for “Born To Bleed” today! See it now here:


On the song and music video (directed by Inni Vision), frontman Masato Hayakawa explains:
While we were touring and writing this song it seemed like all the places we had been to had just been through some sort of devastating act of hate. Terrorist attacks and shootings were happening everywhere. There was so much pain that was more real to us than before. Living in Japan we live in fear of natural disasters. The number of earthquakes that happen is insane and the amount of people they injure or kill is way too much.
When I was writing I just kept writing down why? 
Why is there so much hate…why is there so much danger, pain and suffering. 
I couldn’t find the answers. 
But I just had to throw those questions in my head out there. This is how the song became ‘Born To Bleed’
The lyrics were written with dark emotions and hope mixed up. I wanted the music video to show how much the word “Hope” means to me and our band. I just want to say we are all messed up in all sorts of ways, humans can suck, this planet can suck…but I think maybe imperfection is what makes us beautiful in unexplainable ways too. That’s what the video is about.”


Born To Bleed” is off VENA II, the deluxe version of the band’s latest album VENA, which features 4 new bonus tracks. VENA II is now available digitally for sale and streaming via Hopeless Records.


VENA II Track Listing:
1. Vena
2. Wrong
3. Divine
4. Gone
5. Words Of The Youth
6. The Story
7. Whole
8. Runaway feat. Jacoby Shaddix
9. Pretty Little Liar
10. Heat Of The Young
11. Fire In The Sky
12. Born To Bleed
13. Undertow
14. Gone (Acoustic)
15. The Story (Acoustic)


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