Chasing Safety Announce Details for Sophomore Album ‘NOMAD’ Out 1/6/17 via Outerloop Records






CHERRY HILL, NJ | OCTOBER 7, 2016After taking time to write and record new music,post-hardcore rock outfit Chasing Safety is thrilled to announce the release of their sophomore album, NOMAD, on January 6th, 2017 with Outerloop Records. The band makes this announcement shortly following the relaunch of Outerloop Records in partnership with Cooking Vinyl AmericaNOMAD was co-written and produced, mixed and mastered by Kile O’Dell and Curtis Martin. The theme of the albumis a relatable one, how no matter the size or amount of people that surround you, the feeling of being alone is still present. Johnny Galivan elaborates:


“Nomad is a genuine album about life. A lot of the songs on this album are about the thoughts I have about growing up and seeing how fast life goes by. The album is called Nomad because the overarching theme comes down to the idea that you are on your own to figure life out and make your own decisions. It was a blast to create – we wrote this album collectively in the same room with one another and it goes to show that writing together not only makes us better musicians but we’ve also come up with an album that is our best to date and one we’re extremely proud of. ” –  Johnny Galivan


Hailing from Cherry Hill, NJ, Chasing Safety is a captivating band best known for delivering a barrage of ferociously intricate guitar riffs, explosive choruses, and hauntingly cinematic flares. Bringing their brand of theatrical brutality to life, the band flawlessly transitions their melodies from the stereo to the stage, taking their live show to the next level with high-energy on-stage antics. Comprised of Johnny Galivan (vocals), Kenny Davis (vocals, bass), Patrick Hall (guitar), and Luke Chizek (drums), the pulverizing five piece has stamped out a corner in the post-hardcore genre. After dominating their local scene, Chasing Safety self-released an EP, The Machine, in 2013, organically growing a rabid fan-base before penning a deal with Outerloop Records. Their debut full-length, Season of the Dead, was released in 2013 in collaboration with famed producers Dan Korneff (Pierce The Veil, Crown The Empire) and Nick Sampson (Asking Alexandria, Born Of Osiris).


Stay tuned for more from Chasing Safety as they gear up to release their sophomore album, NOMAD, on January 6th, 2017 with Outerloop Records. Visit Outerloop.Group for more information.


Nomad LP Track listing
1. Brand New Prison
2. Run & Hide
3. Erase Me
4. This Is Hell
5. Nomad
6. Long For More
7. World We Know
8. The Fall
9. Captive
10. Under Fire
11. Devil’s Son

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