Famous Last Words and The Funeral Portrait Kick Off The Incubus Tour Today!





November 30 2016Revival Recordings are proud to present The Incubus Tour featuring label mates post-hardcore outfit, Famous Last Words and Theatricore unit, The Funeral Portrait. Its been a busy year for Revival Recordings with the 12-track masterful concept record by Famous Last Words entitled, The Incubus. The album is laced with heavy guitar riffs, catchy hooks, folly, and symphonic elements, and continues their notorious story telling and theme creations. To learn more about the story behind The Incubus, fans can head straight to Metal Underground now to steam the album in full. Fans are encouraged to listen here! In addition, The Funeral Portrait are gearing up for their December 16th release of A Moment of Silence, which blends elements of rock and roll, heavy metal, and theatricore with a pop sensibility to paint stories of love, loss, anger, and grief. The band just unleashed “Like Father, Like Son,” a riveting song about the relationship the character on the album has with God and how it is falling apart. Fans can check out the music video here!

Today the two artists kick off The Incubus tour in Chicago, IL at the Smooth Fox and will make their way through Colorado and the North West before making their way through California, ending in Dallas, TX. 

FLW Bio:
Hailing from Petoskey, MI, post hardcore outfit Famous Last Words [consisting of JT Tollas (vocals), Evan Foley (guitar), Mathew Bell (bass), Craig Simons (drums), Tyler Myklebust (guitar)], formed in 2009 and have collectively sold over 20,000 albums/30,000 single sales to date. With a band name reflecting the final articulated words of an individual before death, often to be immortalized as the centerpiece of a particular movement, Famous Last Words is a pertinent name for a band whose lyrics, concepts, and themes revolve around life, death, hope and love. Utilizing heavy guitar riffs, catchy hooks, folly, and symphonic elements, the band introduces detailed stories into their lyrics and album structure; transforming their band into more of an art project. It was characteristics like this that lead the independent label InVogue records to sign the band in 2012.
It was their first full-length album, Two-faced Charade, produced by Joey Sturgis, which hit #2 on the Heatseekers chart, #1 Alternative Artists chart, #177 Top 200 Billboard.com chart that put the band on the map. Sturgis coined the albums  “one of the most exciting concept and storytelling records” and praised the band as a top 10 favorite projects list in 2014. Lyrically, it depicts the story of a psychopath whose twisted idea of love drives him to the furthest point of insanity. The band then released a music video for the song “The Show Must Go On,” which quickly erupted on YouTube, reeling in millions of views. In light of the video’s massive success, the band collectively decided to shoot a 30-minute short film depicting the entire story behind the album. The movie “A Two-Faced Charade: The Story Revealed” was released on April 2015.
After a heavy touring schedule, the band rode on the coattails of their own success, releasing their second full-length album in 2014 through InVogue records titled, Council of the Dead, which debuted at #91 Top 200 charts, #18 and Independent Albums August 2014 chart.. Recorded by Nick Sampson, they again based the entire album around a single concept. But unlike their previous album, Council of the Dead tells not one, but eight individual narratives, each delineating a specific story. The stories cover a wide range of circumstances, each portraying an idiosyncratic account of a person’s life nearing death, but also bearing a positive note in that it ruminates upon a person’s life as if looking back from the afterlife. Overall the album is not only a collection of stories, but also a tale of the preserving human spirit through the greatest trials and hardships that life has to offer.
Famous Last Words has no intention of slowing down as they recently inked with North Carolina based record label Revival Recordings. They are currently gearing up to release their third album, The Incubus, produced by Taylor Larson.
TFP Bio:
Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, The Funeral Portrait is a five-piece theatricore punk-rock outfit consisting of Lee Jennings (vocalist), Juergie Landstrom (guitarist/vocalist), AJ Pekarek (guitarist), Chris King (bassist), and Stephen Danzey (drummer). Formerly known as Cosmoscope, the then pop-rock quintet played over 200 shows in just under two years before using the new moniker, The Funeral Portrait, to better showcase their matured sound during the spring of 2014. Since then, the band has signed with Revival Recordings, was listed as 1 of the 100 bands you need to know in 2015 by Alternative Press, and has done over 13 tours, sharing the stage with acts including Alesana, Capture The Crown, IWrestledABearOnce, and Davey Suicide.