INTERVIEW: Youth In Revolt

Written By:  Michael and Terri Gonzales

We recently spoke with the up and coming band Youth In Revolt about their debut full length album “The Broken”, rebuilding themselves as a band, growing as artists, and much more. Youth In Revolt are clearly back and more determined than ever to show the world what they are made of. They showcase a diverse range of musical styles, yet they manage to blend them all together seamlessly in a way that is truly all their own. 2017 is clearly looking to be the year that Youth In Revolt takes the music scene by storm, and it is surely well deserved. There are not many bands out there possessing the character and devotion that Youth In Revolt have already signified in such a short amount of time. Read on to learn about Youth In Revolt’s journey to this point and more. Also be sure to grab a copy of their debut full length album “The Broken” available now via Outerloop Records, and catch them on their current tour with Megosh, and From Under The Willow.

How does “The Broken” differ from your previous work?

With our new album we were really able properly illustrate the messages that we want to spread. Instead of pushing a specific style instrumentally to maintain a genre, or keep previous fans comfortable, we wrote the music that came out of us naturally. It was a super organic writing process and that resulted in a direction that was more rock than our previous more metal driven songs. The music still has our style and our sound in it, we think that the fans of the band will receive it well. People always change and grow and our music will do the same.


When True left the band was there ever a moment when you guys felt as if all hope was gone regarding Youth In Revolt’s future?



What was the biggest struggle you encountered in recruiting new members to rebuild the band?

Getting the new members all in one place! Now our band is spread out across 4 states (Howell NJ, Albany NY, Chicago IL, & Grand Rapids MI) There wasn’t any formal recruiting, the right members fell into place. Sounds cliche but it seems like it’s meant to be.


Do you feel that your approach to songwriting has changed at all with the restructuring of the band or has the process still generally remained the same? 

The main difference is the synergy we all have with the new members. Writing has definitely changed, every member in the band is very talented and everyone has their input and everybody is writing. We have a group of people that all trust each others ideas so nobody is getting shut out of the writing process. When you hear new YIR you are are going to hear all of us.


With having gone through a heavy lineup change within the band, how do you feel you guys have grown as both musicians and artists throughout the process?

We are constantly growing as musicians. There has been a lot of preparation with our debut album coming up as well as upcoming tours. We have been rehearsing nonstop and really honing in on making sure everybody is playing tight and in sync with each other. The energy we have when we are playing together has been amazing and the hours of practice have definitely helped us improve our skills personally and as a unit.


Can fans expect you to be performing any of your previous songs on tour or will your setlist consist of tracks strictly from “The Broken”?

The tour we are about to be on will be strictly songs off of our album The Broken. We will be performing some acoustic versions of older songs for our VIP shows we have everyday before the live show. There are no specific plans right now to incorporate old songs to our live set but hey you never know. Maybe we will throw out a curve ball!


“The Broken” is set to release soon which is surely a great way to kick off the new year. What else does Youth In Revolt have planned for 2017 in addition to the U.S. tour?

We are just going to spend as much of the year touring as possible! We are also trying to engage with our fans as much as possible. There are lots of plans, you can definitely count on seeing a lot of Youth In Revolt this year.


Is there anyone you would like to acknowledge, thank, or any last words?

We want to thank our family, friends, and fans for supporting us. Obviously this our biggest influence and motivation to keep doing what we love. Also we would like to thank our entire team! (Outerloop Group, The Catalyst Publicity Group, & Cooking Vinyl) They are working very hard behind the scenes to make all of this happen! You can purchase our new album ‘The Broken’ on iTunes, Amazon, All-In, Google Play, and more Feb 17! Come check us out on our upcoming tour!

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