Sublime Teams Up with AleSmith Brewing Company to Create Mexican-Style Lager in Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of “40oz. To Freedom”


How do Southern California’s favorite reggae-punk pioneers commemorate the 25th year anniversary of their iconic album “40oz. to Freedom?” They release a 40oz. bottle of their own beer, of course.

Sublime has something special brewing for their fans in celebration of the 25th anniversary of their seminal debut album “40oz. to Freedom.” The band, hailing from Long Beach, has enlisted the help of craft beer stalwart AleSmith Brewing Company, operating out of San Diego, to brew this namesake beverage.
AleSmith Brewing Co. is brewing a Mexican-style lager on behalf of Sublime. There are plans for national distribution of the beer in 12oz. six-pack cans through AleSmith’s supply channels with an initial small batch of limited edition 40oz. bottles to be made available for sale from the brewery, as reported by Rolling Stone.
When asked how the decision to produce a Mexican-style lager came about, AleSmith owner/CEO, Peter Zien replied, “The band members are all big fans of this style of beer. We wanted to create our thirst-quenching version of a traditional Vienna-style lager (famously brewed by the Mexican breweries) that showcases a grainy, malt-forward sweetness and easy drinkability.  Clean and crisp with subdued hop bitterness to balance, makes Sublime Mexican Lager the go-to beer for hot summer days or pre-concert tailgating.”
“From our very first meeting this was obviously a perfect fit,” says Sublime’s manager Dave Kaplan.  “Both AleSmith and Sublime are all about staying true to quality and authenticity above all else. Plus, I always could see that classic Sublime ‘Sun’ logo on a beer bottle. We just needed a world-class beer to go inside and we found it with AleSmith.”
“It doesn’t taste like anything else,” says Sublime co-founder Bud Gaugh. “The flavor is great and it has a craft beer flare with a true Mexican lager taste. This is the one!”
“Being a beer lover, I’m so proud to partner with an elite world-class brewery like AleSmith and I know Sublime fans will absolutely love it!,” added Troy Holmes, widow of Bradley Nowell.  “Like Bradley sang, ‘That 2nd beer was such a turn on.'”
As to how the Sublime and AleSmith Brewing Co. partnership was forged, it came down to similar track records and longevity within their respective industries.  Since 1988, Sublime has stayed true to their independent, authentic music and lifestyle, resulting in a continually growing fan base with over 17 million albums sold.  The band has brought all walks of life together through their revolutionary blend of musical styles.  Since 1995, AleSmith Brewing Co. has been dedicated to creating the world’s highest quality beer while promoting an understanding and appreciation of craft beer and its styles and traditions to those they call their customers.  The brewery has brought beer fans from around the globe together through their artisanal approach toward brewing and a diverse portfolio of beer styles offered. 
Sublime Mexican Lager will become a permanent fixture in stores with a June 2017 release to coincide with the official anniversary date of “40oz. to Freedom.”  Consumers should expect to see the beer nation-wide throughout AleSmith’s distribution channels. Exact outlets for the limited edition 40oz. bottles have yet to be determined.
Sublime the Long Beach, CA Reggae-punk/Alternative Rock trio was founded in 1988 by Eric Wilson, Bud Gaugh and Bradley Nowell. Their first self-produced album 40oz. to Freedom was released in1992 via the band’s label Skunk Records. The success of that album and heavy radio exposure by Southern California’s KROQ (two years after its initial release), secured Sublime signing to MCA Records in time for the band’s 1994 sophomore album Robbin’ the Hood, which revealed an experimental ethic more in keeping with cut-and-paste dub than the well-tuned rage of the Cali punk revival. The album performed well at college radio and set the stage for the breakout success of their self-titled third album. On May 25, 1996, however, lead vocalist and guitarist Nowell tragically passed away and the band collapsed, but the eponymous SUBLIME was still slated for a July1996 release. On the strength of the chart-topping alternative radio hit “What I Got,” the album was certified gold by the end of 1996. “Santeria” and “Wrong Way” followed and enjoyed heavy airplay, and their sefl-titled album eventually sold more than six million copies, making it one of the most popular reggae-punk albums in history. Such success spread to the band’s earlier albums too, leading 40 Oz. to Freedom to double-platinum sales and Robbin’ the Hood to gold certification. Sublime have gone on to sell 17 million records in the US and their genre-defining music and their cultural influence is stronger today than ever before.
Forged in 1995, AleSmith has been recognized by consumers and critics alike as one of the world’s foremost craft brewing companies behind accolades that include medals won at prestigious national and international beer competitions, as well as being named Small Brewing Company of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival in 2008. AleSmith is celebrating its 22nd year in business and recently expanded, moving into a 105,500-square-foot, state-of- the-art brewery featuring a new 85-barrel brewing system that will allow the company to increase its production ten-fold. AleSmith’s line of acclaimed beers, which includes Speedway Stout, IPA, Nut Brown Ale and X Extra Pale Ale, is distributed in 25 U.S. states and five countries. Visit them at and on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram (@AleSmithBrewing).
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