POSTSCRIPT: YELLOWCARD Release Final Video “A Place We Set Afire”

Release Their Final Video Ever
“A Place We Set Afire”

“Everyone at House of Blues will remember the look in Key’s eyes when he told them that this was goodbye, and then (for better or worse) there was officially one less violin in rock music.”

“We have fans that have been so devoted and so supportive of this band for so long now that I can’t imagine how to look them in the face and tell them this is happening,” says YELLOWCARD vocalist/guitarist RYAN KEY at the start of the video “A PLACE WE SET AFIRE”, their last to be released as a unified band.  Taken from their self-titled final album, “A Place to Set Afire” is the ultimate heartfelt goodbye from a band who valued their fans as a vital and massively important part of who they were and what kept them going. 
Says Ryan about the video:
“We are happy to finally release our last music video. We chose ‘A Place We Set Afire’ because the song was inspired by and written for you. We are so grateful to one of our biggest fans and friend, Chris Lawrence, for donating his time and passion for Yellowcard to this video. We hope that you enjoy this final farewell piece. Thank you all for everything.”
Yellowcard played their final show ever on March 25, 2017 at House of Blues in Anaheim, CA.  Amid streams of tears from the audience and band members alike, the band lit up the stage as they always do – like it was their last show ever, but this time, it was.  As OC WEEKLY wrote in their review of the show, “Playing each note with the energy and emotion of five guys knowing they may never see a more rabid crowd, the L.A.-based Florida natives powered through tunes like ‘Light Up the Sky,’ ‘Lift a Sail,’ and ‘Rivertown Blues’ as the fans (many of whom traveled from other states and countries) helped sing every note and rocked out so hard that the somewhat-unstable walls of the House of Blues shook and tiny bits of the ceiling appeared to fall down.”

“It’s definitely not easy,” concludes violinist SEAN MACKIN at the conclusion of the video.  “I don’t want to say goodbye. I just want to say, ‘Thank you’.”
Yellowcard released their self-titled album on September 30, 2016 via Hopeless Records and was self-produced by Ryan Key and guitarist Ryan Mendez with long-time ally and close friend Neal Avron as Executive Producer. Yellowcard was Ryan Key (vocals, guitars), Sean Mackin (violins), Ryan Mendez (guitar), and Josh Portman (bass).