Escape The Paradigm

Escape The Paradigm was formed in late 2013 by brothers Brandon Brodzinski and Johnathan Rockwood with Donny Hoover III. The trio met shortly after previous bands each member were in went on permanent hiatus. Each member of ETP brings their own unique sound to the band, as well as experience that proved to be critical to the band’s longevity. Having plenty of live performance and studio experience, together and previously, ETP has become a truly polished sounding band, despite only having 3 members. ETP has opened for such national touring acts as Gemini Syndrome, Stitched Up Heart, Adrenaline Mob, Hawthorne Heights, SOiL, Tantric, Smile Empty Soul, Janus, Hallow Drive, Open Your Eyes, and Hemlock. The trio managed to enlist the help of Evan Dunn of Alaya, who has managed to capture the true sound of ETP in 2017. Alex Zarek was tasked with helping the band create a hard-hitting music video, and managed to do just that. The trio has released a brand new music video, “Mistaken” which was the title track on their debut album, released back in January of 2018. The album is available on all digital media outlets, as well as physical sale through the band’s website,

Escape The Paradigm is: Brandon Brodzinski (Vocals/ Guitar) | Don Hoover III (Bass) | Johnathan Rockwood (Drums)